Happy New Year, everybody! I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday. Our New Year’s Eve was quiet; we stayed home and watched a movie before switching to one of the countdown shows to drink some bubbly. Then New Year’s Day was our traditional family dinner, so the boys came down and hung out for a little while.

Now it’s time for me to get to work, and I even have an extra day off for the holiday, so I’m hoping to knock some things off my to-do list. I started that this morning by purging old emails. Why do we hold onto old email so long? No one needs that four-year-old receipt email for whatever it was we bought, right? Or the two-year-old ‘updates to our terms of service’ emails that we get several times a year? So far several hundred emails are gone, and I feel lighter already. Only two more accounts to go. Haha.

I haven’t mentioned it here yet, but, pandemic permitting, I’ll be doing my first booksigning in several years in February. I’m excited and working on my list to make sure I have everything I need (while crossing my fingers that we’re actually able to do the signing). I have some info on my Facebook page if you’re in or will be in the Central Pennsylvania area that day.

Before I get back to my email purge, I have a little snippet of story for you today, from Protecting Medusa.


Philomena kept the smile on her face while she watched them go, though worry niggled into her chest. They needed to be safe.

The heavy weight of Ryder’s arm settled onto her shoulder. “They’ll be fine for tonight,” he murmured near her ear while a car started outside.

She nodded, biting her lower lip. They had to be. If anything happened to them, it was on her head.

“And I have to go.” He stepped away and took his coat from the hook behind the door.

She grabbed the nearest jacket, which was too light for the brisk winter night, but she pulled it on anyway, then walked outside with him, noting her mother’s headlights leading away from the house. “You’re going to be careful, aren’t you?”

“I’m always careful.” He shot her a bad boy grin that had her heart racing as they made their way long the sidewalk to the front of the house, where she saw his truck parked out front now beside the mailbox.

“Nothing can happen to you, Ryder. You have Jason to worry about.”

He kept walking.

“Are you listening to me?” She glared up at him when he came to a stop beside the truck.

He put his arm around her shoulders. “Are you more worried about Jason? Or me?”

She blinked. “I’m worried about what will happen to Jason if something happens to you.” He smelled really good. Her pounding heart sped up still more. He stood too close. She needed a distraction. “You know Desi is a lousy parent. Might as well not even be a parent.”

“What if something did happen to me? Would you miss me?” He bent nearer, his mouth almost grazing her temple.

She tried to concentrate on his words, but the awareness rushing through her made it difficult. And dammit, she couldn’t even blame it on pre-curse hormones.

“Would you be upset if I were hurt?” His open mouth slid down her cheek, hot, damp. Tempting.

Desire raced along her veins. Under her sweater, her nipples tightened in anticipation.

“Mena?” He licked the corner of her mouth.

She gasped, and he swooped in, covering her open mouth with his, and pressed her against the side of his truck, his warmth compensating for the cold metal at her back.


Now I’m going to knock out some more old emails before I get in some writing time. I have a nice-sized to-do list for today and tomorrow (almost forgot I was off Monday, so a bonus day to work on this month’s tasks was totally welcome!), some things from my January writing goals list and some general things on my life list for this year. I should probably break those down by month, too, but I think for now, I’ll leave them as one big list and then I can work on things as I feel like it or have the right chunk of time available. When I was working on my writing goals, I finally decided on having my overall list for the year, but breaking down each month as it comes, so I don’t start a month feeling stressed if the things on that list require having finished something from the previous month and life got in the way. It made me feel better after deciding that, though I know I have a long way to go to stop putting so much pressure on myself (not just with writing goals but in general). One of the things I’m hoping will help with that is an anti-resolution challenge I signed up for this month. It certainly can’t hurt. Plus a webinar I did last week resulted in a very pretty graphic of one of my favorite vacation spots with the word “Joy” superimposed on it, and just looking at it makes me feel better.

How are you feeling as we kick off the new year?

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