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Adjusting Your Sails

( Goal Target – Depositphotos )

This is the time of year that I typically take a look at the goals I set for myself for the year and see where I need to make adjustments. Every year, I think I have made realistic goals, and it feels like the universe takes that as a challenge to see how many curve balls it can lob my way. Needless to say, this year’s goals will need a major overhaul. Who could have predicted when I started my goal list in November what was coming at us? Certainly not me.

So that is my plan this week, to rework my goals list for the remainder of the year so I can still get some things accomplished that I hoped to have happen this year. Before I get back to that, I have a short snippet for you today from Protecting Medusa, a project on my goals list for this year.


After all these years of successfully avoiding Ryder, it seemed she would finally have to deal with him.

She shivered, and this time, it wasn’t from the cold, but from the mingled fear and adrenaline racing through her veins. Sheathing her dagger, she smoothed her skirt back down and returned to the kitchen, while pushing thoughts of the bossy, sexy father of her nephew out of her head.

The beef was browning, and she dragged the spatula through it to loosen it from the bottom of the pan, before she dropped in chopped peppers and tomato sauce.

She hadn’t seen Jason or her mother in three long days, and she hadn’t imagined their reunion might occur like this.

She rubbed one hand over her forehead, trying to banish the mental image of Ryder, naked and aroused.

By what? she suddenly wondered. The thrill of the fight?

She supposed it was likely. She knew he was something of an adrenaline junkie. After all, his stint in the military had been rounded out by some secret missions he still couldn’t talk about, and she’d heard several stories from Jason about his dad jumping out of airplanes. Ryder had followed that up with some other secret intelligence agency job for a few years.

The only other possibility was that the arousal was because of her.

She laughed. Yeah, right. She knew she was reasonably attractive, though not drop-dead, movie-star gorgeous. Men didn’t fall to their knees at their first sight of her. Not even men who had flirted via email and over the phone as frequently as they were in contact. Actually, never, even when she’d dated with actual hope of finding ‘The One’. Or, um, leap to attention that way. Certainly not men who knew the sort of monster she truly was.

She swallowed hard, but her mind didn’t want to cooperate with her, making her senses all go haywire and sending heat into her belly. And he had kissed her.


What does your goals list for the year look like right now? Are you still on track to achieve everything you wanted to? Or are you reworking your goals, too? Any ideas for how to make the most of it? I’m open to tips.


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