Catching Up

It’s been another crazy week here in our household, but I think things are finally heading in the right direction, which is a huge relief. Plus I started the new week this morning with shot #1 of my vaccine and the second is already scheduled, so I feel good about doing my part to keep my family and friends safe, especially since I have a friend who cannot be vaccinated due to her allergies. I would like no more of my family or friends to get sick with this wretched virus, so since I don’t work in the medical field, this is how I do my part to make that a possibility.

Are you admiring the pretty man above? I spent quite a lot of time admiring him while searching for cover images in the last few months, and because I did, you will definitely be seeing more of him in the coming months, since he is going to be on one of those covers. Not this particular image, but another pic of him more suited to the story. But I felt like today might be a good day to share him, kind of a teaser. Plus looking at him makes me happy. Hopefully that works for you, too.

Before I get back to work on some things for the Medusa’s Daughters trilogy, I have a little snippet of story for you today from the third book in my shifter series.


Boris leaned back in his seat, watching Vivi gesture as she spoke, a piece of a dinner roll in one hand and a wineglass in the other. She was nervous, and excited.

She was a pretty little mountain lion shifter–and far from his usual type, with her dark hair. When he was younger, his brothers used to tease him about the parade of blondes he brought home, but Vivi was very appealing. He hadn’t intended to strike up a conversation when he sat down at the bar–it’d been a long week, and thanks to summer storms in the south, his trip home had taken an eternity.

He leaned forward in his seat and watched her take a sip of the wine. Mid-swallow, she realized he was watching, and her cheeks flushed. She set the glass down carefully, her tongue swiping at the corner of her mouth.

“Did I smear butter on my face?” She put her roll down, too, and pulled her napkin from her lap.

He caught her wrist before she got to her face. “No butter,” he said softly.

“Oh, then… Oh.” Her eyes darkened, even the gold ring around her pupils.

Boris stroked his thumb across the soft skin of her inner wrist and felt her shiver. “I want to kiss you.”

She swallowed, and the sweet scent of her arousal deepened around them. “I’d hate to miss that,” she said huskily. She leaned nearer.

He released her wrist to catch her chin as he leaned close enough to taste her. Desire jolted through him at the light caress of his lips over hers. Soft and warm, her lips tasted of the wine.

He wanted more, but he straightened in his seat. He had time for more–after dinner.

Vivi’s dark lashes slowly lifted, and she took a shaky breath. “Wow.” The whisper was barely audible.

Nice to know it wasn’t just him.


How are you kicking off your week? Chores? Something fun? I’d love to hear.

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