Getting Through the Crazy Times

It’s been a couple of insanely busy weeks at the day-job, and I still have to get through two more days before things calm down for a week or so before it starts again. I have to say my brain is pretty much toast. I have been lax about my writing schedule in the last two months, and my goals are staring at me from the bulletin board beside my desk, accusingly. I need to get back on track, but it’s been tough. I’m not even going to tell you how many hours of overtime I had last week. Even on the shorter days, by the end of them, my focus was pretty well shot, with zero chance of eking out any creativity.

So today, instead of trying to do something creative, I’ve taken the day off to finish a couple of household chores and cook later, but right now I have a steaming mug of one of my favorite hot cocoas sitting here, and I’m about to go watch a movie. Something I’ve seen a million times and love, Practical Magic. I haven’t seen it in a while, and today seems like a good time to rewatch.

Before I go do that, I have a little snippet of story for you from Hunting Medusa.


He stepped aside and let her take two packages out of the freezer, then he shut the door while she moved to the island with them. She put the fish in the microwave to defrost. He watched as she found a pan and poured some oil into it, then added the vegetables and fish once it was snapping over the heated burner.

When his phone rang, he took it from his pocket absently and thumbed the on button without looking at the screen. “Yes?”


His burgeoning smile vanished. “Stavros.”

“Have you found her yet?”

“No.” He glanced at her when her quizzical gaze lifted from the stove to meet his.

“I’m getting closer. My information is looking good. I’ve found an excellent prospect, dropped out of college right after the last Medusa died and has never married.”

His heart stopped beating. He couldn’t tell his cousin the problem facing them. He didn’t want any of his cousins coming here. Especially not this cousin. And not just because he didn’t want him to know Kallan had found her and not killed her.

“Everything I’ve found points to one of several women in Maine.”

Kallan shut his eyes. Stavros had found the same clues he had followed. Dammit. “Ah. My leads are suggesting Ohio, actually. The young woman I was tracking in Oklahoma moved here six months ago and changed her name. Single, reclusive for the last eight years or so, according to everyone I’ve spoken to so far.” He opened his eyes in time to see Andrea’s jaw drop. He winked at her.

“Hm. Well, you should follow your own information, while I will follow up on mine. One of us will find her this time, take her head.”

He clenched his jaw for a second. “Where are you now? Maybe we can pool resources. Compare notes.”

“I’m in New York, but I’m heading out tomorrow to drive to Maine. I should be able to narrow down these threads to one location in the next day or two.”

Just in time for her PMS to really kick in.

Kallan smiled grimly. If his cousin walked into that, it would be bad. For Stavros. “Oh, what a shame. Maybe next time.”

“Sure, after this one is found and eliminated. I’ve got to go. I’m meeting someone who may have better information for me.”

He shut his phone off and stuffed it back in his pocket. “Bad news, Medusa.”

“You tried to send him to Ohio?” She still stared at him, confusion in her blue eyes. “Don’t you think reinforcements would be a good thing for you?”

He shrugged. “Stavros has never been one to wait until he has all the information he needs for a job, and I’d prefer he went somewhere else right now. Unfortunately, he’s heading this way.”

Her cheeks paled, and she dropped her gaze to the frying pan before she stirred the food there.

“He’ll be here just in time for you to turn him to stone, if he’s being honest about his timing.”

“If?” She looked up, fear shadowing her bright eyes.

He rubbed at the back of his neck, hoping to dissipate some of the tension gathering there. “He isn’t always.” And that was far from the worst thing about his character.

“So now I have two killers after me.” She swallowed. “Fantastic.”

Kallan glared at her, even though he knew she had a point–he had come here to kill her. “Thanks.”

“I’m being honest, even if your cousin isn’t.” She lifted one shoulder in a shrug and set down the spatula.

The smell of their meal filled the space between them, but he ignored it for now. “How about some honesty from me? I’m not known for lying, which is why he’ll believe I’m in Ohio. I am not going to let him kill you.”

She snorted. “Until you get the amulet.”

He clenched his jaw harder and wondered how much it would take to crack a tooth. He couldn’t even protest, as that was his ultimate goal–to collect the amulet that protected the Medusa’s offspring so the world could know them for the monsters they were. To make it easier for his cousins to find and eliminate them all.

Except Andrea wasn’t a monster.


So how do you get through the crazy times, whether it’s your day-job or other stressful periods? A good movie? Comfort food (yes, I’m still on that, too)? Books?

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