Goal Check for the Year

Only a few more days before the month ends, which means it’s time for me to update my October writing goals. How are you doing on your goals for the year? On track? Have you made adjustments already, too? Do you need to make more?

I definitely have to adjust mine for the rest of the year. To be fair, I did have a pretty ambitious list of things I wanted to accomplish this year. Somehow, I forgot I’d need a brain break or two along the way. Or that life sometimes throws a monkey wrench in the works when you think things are going great. It’s all right. That just means I already have some of my 2022 goals ready to put on paper. Haha. That’s not actually a joke, since this year’s goals extended into next anyway. I’ll just have to shuffle and rearrange them to be realistic.

That is the challenge, isn’t it, being realistic, but still pushing yourself.

I’m not going to worry about 2022’s goals just yet. That’s usually November for me, to start hashing them out, and then finalize in December. No, this week is about reworking October’s goals so I can accomplish as much as possible around the other things in my life.

While I run off to work on that, I have a little story snippet for you, this week from Light the Way Home. Seems a good fit this week since it feels like fall here, and if you haven’t read it yet, clicking on the title will take you your favorite online booksellers.


He steeled himself when Hayden shrieked her name as he raced into the mudroom the next morning. He heard her low murmur when his son opened the door, then a quiet laugh. He’d spent half the night wondering what it would be like to really kiss her. It had been a long time since he’d kissed a woman. Not since Greta left.

Maybe kissing Lucie wasn’t such a terrible idea. She wasn’t staying. He could give in to the urge, then forget about it after she was gone.

And dammit, he wanted to kiss her. Blowing out a hard breath, he rinsed Hayden’s juice glass and shut off the faucet as their steps neared. He glanced over and watched her cheeks turn pink. “Hi.”

“Daddy, can we play outside later?”

He blinked and turned his attention to his son. “I’ll try, buddy, but–”

“I meant Lucie an’ me.” Hayden gave him a quick frown. “It’s sunny out.”

“And I bet the grass is crunchy, too.” He met Lucie’s gaze, restraining a smile at her nod and his son’s subsequent down-turned mouth. “Maybe we can talk about it at lunchtime after I get some things done.”

His son pursed his lips, blue eyes narrowed as he studied his father for a few seconds. “Okay.”

“It’s actually pretty chilly out this morning,” Lucie said. “I had to get my really heavy sweater out. I’ll have to get my coat out soon.”

Hayden looked up at her. “Really?”

She tugged at the collar of the thick green sweater she wore.

The little boy heaved a giant sigh. “Okay.” He released her hand. “I gotta get my bear.” He ran out of the kitchen.

“Slow on the stairs, buddy!” Nate called.


Lucie winced while she listened to his footsteps rushing up the steps.

Nate set the juice glass down and crossed the floor to where she stood. “I need to know,” he said, bending to catch her soft mouth with his.

She made a startled sound, then set both of her hands flat on his chest, her lips parting.

He’d been right. She tasted sweet. He slid one hand into her loose hair, ignoring the slight dampness to tip her head so he could delve deeper.

She let him. God, she let him.

He pulled back, his heart knocking hard against his ribs. Lucie’s eyes opened slowly, and he noted the way they had darkened. “Tell me I’m being stupid.”

“Maybe we both are,” she said huskily, a faint smile curving her puffy lips. “I haven’t been stupid in a long time, and right now, I have no idea why.”

“Shit.” He dragged in a rough breath. “One of us should be smart, right?”

She shook her head. “I’m tired of being the smart one.” Her fingers slid up to his shoulders, cautiously, warm through his cotton shirt. “Being the smart one got me dumped with no warning, being smart left me jobless.” Her smile widened. “Though that got me here, so that’s something.”

Nate’s fingers tightened on her hip. When had he grabbed her hip? He loosened his grasp. “You’re not staying, so it wouldn’t be smart for us to do this. I’m not looking for a relationship. I have all I can handle with Hayden and my business.”

“Then this might be just exactly what we both need. Something temporary.” Her eyes rounded, and her smile faded. “I’ve never tried temporary until I came here.”

He’d never tried it. Not knowingly, anyway. “Maybe…” He broke off at the sound of running footsteps upstairs. “Slow down, buddy.”

Lucie startled, then stepped away, blushing.


Now I’m off to look at October goals and then do some writing, see if I can wrangle that hot tiger shifter into cooperating with me so I can finally finish his story that I planned to have done ages ago. Hope you all have a great week!

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