Going for It

Doing something new can be scary, can’t it? Leaving the safety of the known to reach for something different, whether it’s a job or a new relationship, or even just a new hairstyle…this requires a level of courage, of trust that the universe is going to catch you when you step forward.

For writers, putting our book babies out into the world can be one of those terrifying things. We love them and want everyone else to love them, too. It’s even more frightening if we’re doing the publishing ourselves. When I sold Hunting Medusa to Samhain, that was exciting. When they closed their doors, that was scary. Most publishers don’t want a book that’s already been published elsewhere, which leaves many authors with two choices: put the book in a drawer and move on, or release it themselves. I loved that book, plus it had always been planned as a trilogy, so I had two more stories waiting to find their way to readers. I realized early on that I would have to self-pub the trilogy. But I had a lot of things to figure out first. And then life happened and got in my way for a while. For a few years.

When the opportunity came up to join the Common Elements Romance Project, I thought it was a really good way for me to get back to writing and to learn what I needed to for self-publishing with Light the Way Home. I still had some things in my way, but it was a good experience, and gave me a little nudge back to Medusa’s Daughters. The accountability challenge I did last September was another big leap for me, back to writing, and figuring out my writing plans for 2021. I work best if I have a deadline, though for a long time, my self-imposed deadlines weren’t working for me the way they used to. When my boys were little, I used to set writing goals for myself monthly and break it down weekly and had no trouble making those goals. I know going back to work full-time got in the way a bit, but I wrote Hunting Medusa while I was working full-time, so that wasn’t my entire problem. If I had to guess, I would say doubt got in the way along with the things life threw in our path with my dad and my aunt both getting sick at the same time. What if Hunting Medusa was a fluke? What if I sucked? What if I made a huge blunder with self-publishing? What if no one really wanted to read the other two books in the trilogy? Or anything else I wrote? Writers have issues, in case you didn’t already know that.

But I finally had to make up my mind what I was doing with the trilogy, and I decided to take the leap. I learned a lot with Light the Way Home, though there is still way more to learn even now. I have plans, and they don’t stop with Medusa’s Daughters. I made up my mind to trust the universe, to trust that there are readers who will enjoy these stories and the others I am working on, and that my storytelling skills don’t suck and will continue to get better with each manuscript, with each round of revisions. We all have to take that step, to trust ourselves, no matter what the situation, don’t we?

This is my long-winded way of saying I am both excited and nervous this month as we get closer to the release date for Protecting Medusa. I have loved this story and these characters for such a long time, and now that we’re almost to the day when they’ll be out in the world, I can’t help being anxious. My cover designer did such a beautiful job on the book cover, I can’t tell you how much I love it. This guy is all sorts of yummy, isn’t he?


If you visit my Facebook page regularly, you’ve seen him there, as well, prior to me sharing the cover, just for the yum. Before I ramble on too long, I have a snippet of story to share with you.


The man had some nerve.

Philomena glared into the skillet and dragged the spatula through the eggs vigorously. Too vigorously, as the spatula scraped the side of the pan. Letting out a shaky breath, she tried to push Ryder out of her head for a few minutes.

She’d called her mother when she came downstairs, and Aggie assured her they were fine. Jason was watching his favorite Saturday morning cartoon in his pajamas before breakfast. Philomena felt a bit better knowing he was safe and happy.

Her gaze slid to the window over the sink. She could see the woods that lay between her mother’s house and her own. Only a couple miles of distance. Not far enough.

She stirred the eggs at a more normal pace now. Sure, she’d known when the curse fell on her eight years ago that the Harvesters were a serious threat. But somehow, she’d hoped after all this time they wouldn’t find her.

She shivered, thinking how lucky they were Ryder had been waiting for the Harvester yesterday. Otherwise, her mother and Jason might have arrived to find her dead in the kitchen. She touched the top of her dagger handle through her skirt. She knew how to wield it, but who knew how the Harvester was armed.

She’d have to ask Ryder.

Her pulse quickened. Back to him.

He was showering. She knew because she heard the water running, and it didn’t take much effort to imaging him standing beneath the streaming water. After all, she’d gotten a terrific view of his naked body last evening.

Heat pulsed in her middle at the memory, then more when she thought of later.

She shook her head. No, that was a mistake. Both times.


Now I’ve got some writing waiting for me, a hot tiger shifter who is being particularly dense about his mate right now.

So what have you done lately that took a boost of courage to accomplish? I’d love to hear so we can cheer you on. And if you haven’t yet, Protecting Medusa is up for pre-orders right now. Clicking on the title or the image link above will take you to your favorite online booksellers. And I’ve got things planned for the release day party over on my Facebook page, so I hope you’ll come hang out with us that day.

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