Hello, February

We’ve reached the end of the first month of the new year. How did you do with your goals for the month? I’m going to plead the fifth, I think. I did surpass my reading goal for the month, with 7 books. I don’t typically set reading goals, but I did want to read 2 or 3 this month. I’m happy with what I’ve managed there at least.

My next two weeks will have booksigning prep on the list along with the writing and other goals. The books are on their way, and I’m rummaging through my booksigning bag to make sure I’m not forgetting anything that I need the day of the signing–pens, markers, stickers, bookmarks. I do still need to pick up chocolate, and will probably grab a couple balloons the day of, on my way to the greenhouse to put on the table.

Besides the books and bookmarks, what else do you like to see when you go to a booksigning? For my first signing, I picked up puffy stickers for the kids to go along with the rest of the things on my table. I know from working at the bookstores for so long, there are always kids along with some of the readers who come, and there is almost never anything for them at a romance signing. So I have some of those in my bag again. Hopefully the chocolate is the only thing left to get (besides the balloons).

Before I get to dinner prep (I already put a meatloaf together and in the oven for hubs, and will add a nice foil packet of fish for me), I have a quick snippet of story for you today from Hunting Medusa.


Andrea rested her head on her folded arms on the kitchen table, only half listening to Kallan typing on his keyboard. She didn’t want to die just yet. She knew for sure she didn’t want to be mutilated before she died.

But she didn’t look forward to killing the Harvester either.

She never should have had sex with him. She knew it. She’d known it beforehand.

And she should definitely not still want him.

When the phone rang, it was a relief. For a few seconds. Until she realized it was Thalia. “My cousin.” She didn’t think she needed to explain her mental caller I.D. to him.

Kallan held her gaze for a long moment. “Don’t try to let her know what’s going on,” he said at last. “I know where a lot of your cousins are located, and I’m not the only one.”

Her heart pounded harder at the implication, but she got to her feet and picked up the receiver. “Hello, Thalia. How are you?”

“I’m fine, Andi, but I think you need to get away for a while.”

She frowned, feeling Kallan’s presence behind her. Close behind her. Close enough to hear her conversation. “What do you mean?” His body heat teased her.

“The Harvesters are out and about. I’m afraid for you.”

Andi shut her eyes for a second, then opened them again when he put his hands on her shoulders. She shot him a glare and moved away, back toward the table. “I’m fine.”

“Please don’t ignore this, Andi. You know I’m hardly ever wrong.”

That was true. But she wondered if her cousin realized she was very often late with her flashes of intuition. Far too late in this case. “Okay. I’ll give it some thought, all right? Mom said something the other day about visiting.” Gods, had it only been two days ago? “And Aunt Lydia just called yesterday, too. I could go see either of them if anything seems odd.”

His hands settled on her shoulders again, massaging the tense muscles there.

She didn’t bother to shrug him off this time. He was persistent. “I could even come visit you,” she teased, forcing a lightness into her tone.

Her cousin cleared her throat. “I actually have company right now,” she said after a moment, and Andi could almost see her blushing. “You remember I met someone in Athens last summer? Well, he’s come again to stay for a while.” Even over the phone, the emotion in Thalia’s voice was obvious.

One more cousin safe–none of the cousins who’d fallen in love ever had the curse land on their heads. A tiny bit of relief made her relax further under Kallan’s touch. “That’s terrific, Thalia. When do the rest of us get to meet him?”

“We’re talking dates,” the other woman said, a hint of a smile in her tone now. “I’ll be sure to let you know.”

“Good. And thanks for the warning. I miss you.”

“I miss you, too. I’ve got to go, Andi. Talk to you soon. But promise you’ll be careful. Danger is coming from more than one direction.”

She pushed the off button on the phone and shut her eyes, ignoring the slight sting in them. She was not envious of Thalia’s good fortune. She was just in an impossible situation here.

His warm breath brushed the top of her head a second before his lips. “That was good.”

She wanted to tell him to go screw himself. She wanted a weapon to swing at him. She wanted him to wrap his arms around her and carry her down onto the nearest flat surface.

Her eyes popped open. Damned hormones.


So, how many of you will be in the south-central Pennsylvania area in two weeks? If you’re in the Harrisburg region, you’ll be close enough for the Love Is in the Air booksigning I’ll be joining again this year. If you click here, you can find more info about the signing. I hope to see some of you there.