Here Comes March

It’s the last day of February as I write this, and I’m fine-tuning my March writing goals for my accountability group, plus working on wrapping up my weekend to-do list, which included assembling a shiny new office chair.

It occurred to me earlier that this time last year, I was prepping for a book release in a few weeks, and we had no idea the world was about to shut down indefinitely. It seems like a whole lifetime ago. And strange. I joked to my husband when we heard the first stories at the beginning of 2020 about this new virus, ‘Remember the movie Contagion?’ We even watched it early last year, because he’d forgotten it. Yikes. It’s going to be a while before we watch it again. Too close to reality still.

So I’m sitting here in my comfy new chair, and it’s raining pretty steady outside my window. Hubs is concerned the ground is so saturated from the snow melt this week and now the rain that we may get water in the basement. I’m hoping not. But we’ve had water down there before, so we learned lessons and have nothing sitting on the floor that can’t get wet. If we need it, the wet vac is ready to go to work. It’s just more of a nuisance when it happens than actually damaging now. Thank goodness it doesn’t happen often.

Before I get back to my March goals, I have a story snippet for you from last March’s release, Light the Way Home. (And if you haven’t read it yet and would like to, click on the title, and the link will take you to all the major booksellers to get a copy.)


Lucie had been on Mac’s Light Island for almost three weeks, but the view from the back door of her temporary home still took her breath away. Right now, she realized she’d been standing there staring, slack-jawed, at the sunlight glinting off the grey-blue ocean waves for a good five minutes. Shaking her head, she pulled the door shut and stepped down onto the sidewalk, feeling in her purse for her car keys.

She closed her fingers on the fob as a giggle reached her ears. She turned to the white picket fence that bordered the property next door as a big multi-colored ball sailed over it, toward her. “Oh!” She caught it before it hit her in the face, then started across the grass, balancing the ball on her hand.

Another giggle sounded as she neared the fence, so she adjusted her direction a tiny bit and came to a stop looking directly down onto a tousled blond head.

“I think you lost something,” she said.

The little boy’s face tipped up quickly, his blue eyes wide with surprise–as if he couldn’t believe she’d found him already.

Lucie grinned and held the ball higher.

He smiled as he got to his feet, brushing off his jeans-clad knees.

From seeing him playing outside several times already, she’d guessed he might be four, but now at close range, she scaled that back to three.

“Hi, I’m Hayden,” he said, holding out his right hand.

It was her turn to be surprised. She shook his hand, bemused. “Hi, Hayden, I’m Lucie.” Not too many three-year-olds had such good manners. Aside from the ball toss at her face, that is. “Nice to meet you.”

He glanced up at his ball. “Me an’ my dad are your neighbors.”

“I see that.” She noted he hadn’t mentioned his mom. “Who were you playing with?” She gave the ball a little bounce.

“Maybe you wanna play with me.” Guileless blue eyes locked on her face.

Ah. She squelched the pang in her chest. “I wish I could, but I’m on my way to town. Maybe we can play another time?” she added when his grin vanished.

“Like this afternoon?”


The deep voice got her attention–and the boy’s–just before a tall, sandy-haired man rounded the back corner of the next-door house.

Lucie’s mouth went dry. Wowza!


What are you working on for the first week of the new month? Wrapping up last month’s tasks, or are you ready to start fresh? Whichever it is, here’s hoping the new month gets off to a great start for all of us!

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