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I Guess I’m Official Now

I had something ready to go about how excited I was to come home from work late Friday night to find an email from the awesome guy who does the formatting at my publisher, with all the final, formatted versions of Hunting Medusa.  How awesome is that?  I thought it was pretty awesome.  And it was.

But then tonight I came home from the day job and a friend told me she’d pre-ordered Hunting Medusa today!  So I had to go look for myself.  And yes, the page is up here.  I want to celebrate and dance around the house and cheer.  But it’s late and everyone else in my house is sleeping, so the real-world celebrating will have to wait until tomorrow evening during writers’ group here at my house.

In the meantime, I can celebrate here with all of you, no matter what time the clock over my desk says it is.  So how about a little bubbly? 

( Photo credit: -RobW- / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND ).

Go ahead, take a glass. There’s plenty for everyone.  I felt official when I found my amazing agent.  Then I felt official all over again when we had offers for Hunting Medusa, and again when we actually got the contract.  Each step along the way–ie, revisions, edits, final line edits, page proofs–has made it feel more official.  But this?  This is so exciting.  Actual booksellers now have this available to order, and it’s so thrilling.  I can’t wait for all of you to read this story, and I so hope you fall in love with Kallan and Andi.  But in the meantime, have some more champagne.  It’s on me!


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