In Case You Missed It…

That title is kind of a joke. If you’re a regular visitor, there is no way you’ve missed me talking about my summer book releases, here or anywhere else I frequent online.

But if you’re not a regular visitor, it is possible, I suppose.

As of last Friday, Protecting Medusa is out, available from your favorite online booksellers, and available for actual in-person bookstores to order as well, and of course Hunting Medusa released last month and is available in all the same places.

So. Two of the books in the trilogy are out. That means you’re going to be hearing me talk about the third book, too. I have a release date in mind, but don’t want to announce that until I have a few more things in place. I do have the cover already, though, and I have to tell you, it’s gorgeous! I shared the face (and body!) of the man who will be on the cover, the hero, and the party guests seemed to like him. I’ll be sharing his face here as well, though not today. He is all kinds of yummy, just wait till you see him! (Or, if you can’t wait, hop on over to my Facebook page for a sneak peek.)

I’m in the second half of my vacation week right now, with most of the things on my to-do list checked off, which is nice. But I do wish we’d snuck off to a beach for a couple of days. I’m thinking about that for a long weekend in the fall. It’ll depend now on how covid numbers look. Right now they don’t look so hot, which is one plus of us staying home this week. If we’d gone this week, the beach would’ve been packed with people. At least in the fall, that won’t be a concern, not where we’ll be headed anyway. I spent this morning sweating my butt off at the boys’ doing some overdue weeding and garden planning for next year. The tiger lilies in my garden came from there, from my aunt twenty-some years ago, and there is a corner of one of the boys’ gardens that is perfect to put some back, so I’ll do that this year before it gets cold so they’ll come up and bloom in the spring. And we’re trying to decide what to do with the Japanese maple there–it was gorgeous last year, and then this spring, mostly dead. I don’t know what happened to it over the winter. The main trunk has a few new little bits of growth, plus about 3 existing branches are still okay. At this point, I’ve pretty well decided the rest is done, which I confirmed when I trimmed off a couple dead branches, which snapped right off. Poor tree. My aunt loved that, and so did the boys. I may have to just cut the whole thing down and start over. I can decide that in the spring, though.

The neighborhood stray cats will be looking for some supper soon, so before I start putting that together, I have a quick snippet for you from Protecting Medusa.


From the corner of his eye, he saw Mena’s skirt flaring as she circled the table. “How would you like to go on a trip, Jase?”

“Where? Where we goin’?” Jason’s little fingers dug into Ryder’s shirt, his eyes widening.

He pushed his son’s dark hair away from his face. “You and Grandma are going to go somewhere with Danny, but it’s a surprise.”

“Wahoo!” His fist pumped in the air. “I can’t wait!”

Ryder gave his son a quick hard hug and pressed a kiss on his round cheek. “I thought you might like an adventure.” When Jason squirmed, he set him down.

“How come you’re not comin’ with us?”

“Because I have to go somewhere with Aunt Mena.”

“You mean Aunt Phila.” Jason grinned at him.

He winked at his son. “No, I mean Mena.” He felt her presence behind him before he heard her unsteady exhalation.

“It’s Philomena, you clown,” she muttered, pushing around him to kneel in front of Jason. She caught Jason’s hands in hers. “I wish I could go with you, baby.”

His son tugged one hand free to touch her cheek. “I know. ‘Specially since you just got back, and I know you missed us.” He patted her face softly. “But Daddy’ll bring you to us later, I bet.”

Ryder could see her smile was forced, and, when he bent a little, he noted the sheen in her eyes. Damn.


I have two more days to cram in as much writing time as possible before I have to go back to the day-job, and I will have my butt in the chair, hands on the keyboard most of the day tomorrow, and part of Tuesday as soon as I make a run to the farmers’ market I don’t get to visit often enough–they’re only open on Tuesdays, and that’s generally our busiest day-job day.

What will you be working on this week? Or will you get to have some fun before the unofficial end of summer? Your own vacation week? Or just a mini-break at home with a stack of books?

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