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Finally! If you hang around here even slightly regularly, you know I’ve been working on this for a while. I’m pretty excited to have gotten here, so that Hunting Medusa will be available in bookstores again. It also means the second and third books in the series are on their way, too! Which means I need to have the next series ready to go soon as well, right?

To that end, I have a quick snippet from Hunting Medusa for you today, and then I’m off to write, write write!


Andi tugged uselessly at her wrist, but his arm didn’t move from his side. “Hey, Harvester.”

The obnoxious grin slid of his face. “Stop calling me that.”

“It’s your name.”

He glared at her, then folded his arms over his chest, dragging hers along and forcing her to half roll toward him again.

She yanked away, but he put his other hand over her wrist.

“Go to sleep.”

She shot him a disbelieving glance. “I’m sorry. I’m not used to sleeping in handcuffs. Or with all the lights on. And I’m not tired.” That last sounded rather childish, she admitted to herself, but the man had nerve.

He observed her for a long moment, until she wanted to squirm under his scrutiny. Then another slow grin started at one corner of his mouth, gradually curving his full lower lip all the way to the opposite corner. “I bet I can fix that.”

“I don’t think so.” She leaned as far away as her trapped arm allowed.

He moved fast, flipping her on top of him before she realized his intent.

Andi blinked, then felt her heart pound faster. The Harvester had muscles on his muscles.

Not the best time to be noticing that, perhaps.

She watched him warily as he shifted under her, settled her close, then stretched their cuffed wrists away from their sides. She put her free hand on his shoulder and pushed herself up a little. “What are you doing?”

“Getting you tired.” His other hand slid up her spine to the back of her neck, where his fingers started massaging the tight muscles.

“Stop it.” She shifted her head to one side, then the other, but his strong fingers continued exactly what they’d been doing. She frowned down at him.

He smiled innocently.

“That doesn’t work for me.” It did feel good, though. Not that she’d tell him.

Kallan’s bright blue gaze slid down from her eyes to her mouth, almost like an actual touch on her lips.

She swallowed. “Don’t even think about it.”

“Too late,” he murmured, using his grip at her nape to bring her closer.

Andi sucked in a startled breath when he brushed his mouth along hers. “You’re sick.”

It was his turn to blink. “What?”

“You’re here to kill me, right?”

His brows dipped into a frown.

“You’r e not supposed to be…screwing me, too.” She blushed.

His frown disappeared. “I’m not trying to screw you. Just kiss you, Andrea.”

Her mouth dropped open in shock.

“Well, that makes it much easier,” he said softly, lifting his head to catch her lips.


Have you read Hunting Medusa yet? If not, have I teased you long enough about the re-release that you want to? You can pre-order, by clicking on the graphic above, or on the title anywhere throughout today’s blog post.

The other fun this month is my birthday, so expect to see cake pics, as is the norm, while I celebrate all month long! Now I have to go write more words so you have more future books to read! Hope you all have a great week!

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