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Lazy October Sunday

It's a cool day here today, cloudy and windy. Perfect day to fire up the bread machine and make something for dinner that involves turning on the oven. So my bread machine is already working on a nice sweet bread with lemon and spice, and I have veggies defrosting to throw into a cheesy veggie casserole for dinner. I had more things on today's to-do list, but after the booksigning yesterday in Hershey, PA, and all the things I crammed into the prior two days, I decided not to do much of anything today after all, just the weekly blog post, the necessary cooking, and some revisions I have been working on the past two weeks.

The booksigning yesterday was so much fun! More than 50 authors of all sorts of genres spread out in three rooms at the library. We were in 'romance alley', with some historical romance authors (my buddy Terri Brisbin was there!), a bunch of fantasy romance authors, and me. And lots of readers looking for something new to read. There was even a bridal party making the fun! If you get a chance to check it out next year, you should. There really was something there for almost every reader, and Hershey is a neat little town, even aside from the outdoor summer entertainments.

If you've been around a while, you know I've had a separate blog page, since it existed before this site, but for several reasons, I have been pondering moving all of the old blog posts over here and just blogging here each week going forward. I'm still pondering, mostly about moving the old blog posts, because there are about ten years' worth on the original site, and that will be quite a project. But I do think the new blog posts will be going up here from now on. It'll be easier to keep things updated when they're all in one place.

Before I go back to my edits and lazing around, I have a (really!) quick snippet today from Hunting Medusa for you.


Medusa knew he was coming. She always knew when the next one approached to try to kill her. But she had not been ready to die—until now.

While listening to the soft, sneaky sounds of his footfalls on the rocky path, she studied the golden goblet. It had not rid her of Athena’s curse, but it would help her daughters. As long as one of them had it, the amulet would stop them all

from suffering constantly as she had all these years, limiting the effects of the curse to only a few days each month for the keeper of the goblet. Until the Goddess forgave Medusa’s foolish bragging.

Her killer drew nearer, still attempting to be quiet. Something about his deliberate pace—unhurried, careful—made her grateful she had already finished her protective spell for her children. This one would not have died as easily as the rest.

She looked around, from one statue to another—men of all ages and sizes, various weapons in their hands or tucked into their belts, all wearing the same horrified expression. Her eyes burned. She knew she was a monster. She had known not to brag so about her hair. Athena did not suffer braggarts. She had ruined Medusa’s hair, had cursed Medusa to live in exile this way—on this Gods-forsaken island, with no

company but her own—as well as all her offspring.

Medusa despised living this way. She was not meant to be alone. She had never enjoyed her own company more than others’. When this hunter came, she would let him kill her.

He did not come into the clearing as the others had, charging forward recklessly. No, he came in with his back to her, watching her reflection in a shield. Clever, this one. She pretended to not have seen him, very aware of each step he took.

Soon. It would be over soon.

And she could not wait for the torment to end.

When he came nearer, she closed her eyes and prayed to Athena for forgiveness.

His blade whistled through the air. Closer, closer…


Now I'm going to toss those veggies into the oven for dinner later, and settle in with my revisions and maybe a good movie for background noise. Maybe Troy, so I get a good soundtrack and pretty Greek scenery. Or just pretty scenery. Haha.

Does it feel like fall where you are, too? I'd love to hear how what you're doing to enjoy the new season's arrival.


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