Mid-Month Goal Check

We’re just past the halfway mark on the September calendar right now, and I’m looking at my goals for the month, trying to figure out what I can still pull off by the 30th. What about you? Are you on-track to make your goals for September?

I am at least going to get everything checked off my weekend to-do list, anyway. We’re having birthday dinner tomorrow for my oldest son, and his requested dinner doesn’t involve me cooking which makes things a little easier this weekend. That frees up some writing time, and I’m getting this week’s blog post up early, so I don’t have to worry about it before or after birthday dinner.

I think I’ve mentioned here that we have been feeding some of the neighborhood stray cats since last summer. Hubs broached the possibility a few weeks ago of bringing one into the house. So we have been attempting to transition her from outside to inside. She’s not been entirely cooperative, but we’re still trying. When she’s inside, she’s so well-behaved, knows where the food, water and litter box are, and uses all of them. She has favorite spots she likes to nap. But the longest we’ve been able to persuade her to stay inside is about 36 hours, and then she demands to go back outside. I’m hoping as the weather cools off, she may decide inside really is where she should be full-time. We’ll see.

Before I get back to the non-writing chores on the weekend list, I have a little snippet of story for you today from the third tiger shifter story I’ve been trying to wrap up this month (one of those things on the goal list I’m not sure is going to get checked off!)


Vivi scented Boris before he appeared in the doorway. She’d spent a couple of hours in various treehouses with India and Tessa and the kids, before the kids dragged them back into the house to find lunch. Then, after Tessa took her sleepy daughter off for a nap, Vivi and India had to join neva and several of the other girls for fingernail painting, since India and Vivi’s nails were bare and the girls didn’t want to change theirs already.

Vivi smiled when his pale eyes widened a little. He glanced into the room, then came in, heading right for her. Her heart beat a little faster, and she reminded herself it was just the mate bond.

“Can I have Vivi back for a while?” he asked, looking at Neva.

“Her nails probably aren’t dry yet.” His daughter glanced up from painting her toenails bright green.

“Didn’t you have shoes on earlier?”

Neva sighed and rolled her eyes. “Of course I did. Now I don’t.”

Vivi bit her lower lip to keep from laughing aloud at his expression, but India laughed. Boris’s eyes narrowed slightly when he glanced at his sister, who was having her fingernails painted by Berdine. Then he turned his gaze back to Vivi, and she shivered.

She examined her fingernails. Not quite dry yet.

“Did you eat?” he asked quietly, sitting on the ottoman in front of her.

“Mm-hm.” He hadn’t asked how much, so he didn’t know she’d only had half of her sandwich before feeling nauseous. The smell of all the nail polish hadn’t helped, but she’d grown more accustomed to it over the past forty minutes, and breathing through her mouth had helped.

He lifted her hand from the arm of the chair. “Well, that’s very…um, bright.”

Vivi smiled. The blue was almost electric. The kids at school would love it.

“Come with me.” He rose and pulled her to her feet as well.

“Dad, we’re not done. We didn’t do her toes yet,” Neva said.

“You’ll have to do them later.” He towed Vivi from the room.

“That was very caveman,” she observed when the got halfway down the main hall.

“I don’t think so. I didn’t drag you out by your hair. Or even throw you over my shoulder,” he teased, winking down at her.

Heat crawled up her throat to her face. “You wouldn’t do that.”

His grin spread and one eyebrow quirked up, and she got a sudden mental image of him doing just that.

The warmth flowed down into her belly.

Boris’s smile faded, and he turned, backing her against the wall near the foot of the steps. “Kiss me, mate,” he whispered.

She stretched up and brushed her lips across his. She wasn’t surprised when he caught her hips and lifted her closer to kiss her again, longer, deeper. She had the presence of mind to refrain from slipping her fingers into his hair and instead set her hands on his shoulders, opening her mouth when his tongue slid along her bottom lip.

Desire expanded into her belly, and when he lifted his head, then turned her to the steps, she stifled the disappointment that rose up.

Mating bond, a small voice in her head reminded her.

That didn’t make it any less potent, though.

By the time he kicked the bedroom door shut behind them, she couldn’t wait to have him inside her.


The first day of fall is this week, and it looks like our weather might actually be more consistently autumn-like, at least for the week. Motivation for me to put my head down and focus on this month’s writing goals. I hope you all have a great week!

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