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October is for Paranormal Romance & an Excerpt


( Photo credit: arnie2105 via / CC BY-SA )

Seems like a given, right?  October, Halloween, spooky stories, witches, vampires, and all kinds of other things we find in our reading.  Of course, some of us don’t wait until now to find the time to enjoy all the lovely paranormal reading choices out there.

One of my favorite paranormal stories is time travel.  A long time ago, there used to be lots of time travel stories available to readers.  Like everything else, ‘fads’, for lack of a better word, come and go–fashion, television.  And in publishing, there are the same cycles.  Remember when there were more vampires on the shelves than anything else?  Or when the small town craze started a few years ago until that was all you could find?  I was pretty unhappy when time travels got nudged aside for other kinds of stories.  I’m sure other readers were equally disappointed when vampires finally faded away a little so there was room for other stories on bookstore shelves.

So what kind of romance novels would you like to see more of when you go shopping?  Something paranormal?  Or historical?

I have a little snippet of paranormal for you, from my third tiger shifter (which is waiting for rewrites while I rewrite the first one.  Again.).


Boris looked around, noting the spare decor, the casual furniture, and made a mental note to ask how long she’d lived here. It didn’t look like she’d settled in. Or maybe she hadn’t planned to stay. He frowned. Vivi squared her shoulders. “Why don’t you sit down?” He waited until she sat, perching on the edge of an overstuffed armchair, then he dropped onto the sofa to her right, sprawling comfortably, but still within reach. “Are you hiding from someone?” She looked at him, confusion wrinkling her forehead. “What?” He shook his head. “Just a thought. You don’t seem like you’ve settled here, and I just wondered if it was because you thought you might have to leave fast.” At her perplexed expression, he shook his head again. “Never mind.” He rested his right ankle on his left knee, studying her. “Ask me something.”

She blinked, then shifted on her seat as she looked away. “Like what? If you’re an axe murderer?” He laughed. “If that would make you feel better. The answer is no, by the way. Are you?” Vivi smiled reluctantly, just a little. “Why are you here?” His smile faded. “Because we’re having a baby.”


Don’t forget to let me know what kind of romances you wish there were more of in the bookstore!

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