One of My Favorite Seasons

I can never decide which is my favorite, spring or fall. I really think they’re tied for me. But right now, I am enjoying all of the fresh green everywhere, the spring flowers coming up everywhere, the new leaves on the trees. I spent several weeks in the last month or two doing garden clean-up at the boys’, and my own won’t take that long, since I have less garden space. Right now, anyway.

We’re going to be expanding that a big this year, planting a row of shrubs and flowers along the back of our yard, for two reasons: one, I enjoy them, and two, the neighbors behind us need a curtain on their shower window. Since we’ve lived here twenty-one years and that hasn’t occurred to them yet, we’re going to make our own outdoor curtain to block their shower window. It will have the added benefit of enticing butterflies and honeybees, plus shelter for the birds as well once things get established, which makes me happy. It’s been a long time since I had butterfly bushes in my yard, and I miss them. I also have a small pussy willow ready to plant, taken from cuttings from the bush at the boys’, which originally came from cuttings from our old house that I gave to my aunt about twenty-five years ago or so. I have a forsythia to add, and after my lilac blooms, we’ll move that, too. I’ll probably have at least three butterfly bushes, and maybe toss in a couple roses, too. And I have peonies from my aunt’s garden that I will put in there as well, again, after they bloom–peonies are finicky, and if I move them now, they won’t bloom this year.

I think I’ve also found a couple trellis options for my grandma’s rose at the boys’, and will get one ordered soon. And taller tomato cages for my tomatoes this year, since the ones I have are never big enough for the indeterminate/viney tomatoes when they really get going. Lots of garden work this year, I think. We may also extend the garden at the back of the house a little further into the yard. We’ll see. I think hubs would like that, as it means less grass to mow.

Before I go out to do some clean-up in my garden–clear leaves, trim my rose bush, get a support around my fennel plant before it gets too crazy–I have a little snippet of story for you today from Protecting Medusa.


She shivered, thinking how lucky they were Ryder had been waiting for the Harvester yesterday. Otherwise, her mother and Jason might have arrived to find her dead in the kitchen. She touched the top of her dagger handle through her skirt. She knew how to wield it, but who knew how the Harvester was armed.

She’d have to ask Ryder.

Her pulse quickened. Back to him.

He was showering. She knew because she heard the water running, and it didn’t take much effort to imagine him standing beneath the streaming water. After all, she’d gotten a terrific view of his naked body last evening.

Heat pulsed in her middle at the memory, then more when she thought of later.

She shook her head. No, that was a mistake. Both times. She turned the burner off and covered the pan, then pushed the bread down into the toaster.

The water shut off in the next room, and she swallowed, trying not to let her brain go there again. She busied herself with getting plates and silverware out, then took butter and jelly from the fridge. While thinking of website coding, she poured orange juice into two glasses.

When he emerged from the guest room, his hair was towel-dried, though still damp, making the blond look darker. He wore a soft black t-shirt over faded jeans. She jerked her gaze to his face in time to see that grin disappear.

She narrowed her eyes, but kept her mouth shut and dished up breakfast.

He waited until she had eggs in her mouth before he spoke. “What work do you have going right now?”

She forced down the eggs and chased them with a quick swallow of juice. “I’m nearly done with a big site, then I have a few smaller ones waiting. Regular maintenance on others.”

“You can work on them away from home, right?”

She glared at him. “I’m not leaving.”

He raised one dark blond eyebrow. “I don’t remember asking you.”

She set her fork down. “Just because I made a mistake and slept with you does not give you permission to make my decisions. Also, you are no longer in the military, and not my commanding officer. And, FYI, I will not be sleeping with you again.”

He laughed. “Not much sleeping going on, the way I remember it.”


Have you read my first two Medusa’s Daughters books yet and met Ryder?

Are you doing outdoor spring chores this week, too? Or is it just me? Typically, I do most of mine early in the season, so I can just harvest herbs and veggies later and pick the occasional weed that pops up. I’d love to hear about yours. Hope you all get lots of reading time in this week!

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