Protecting Medusa Release Week

Just a few more days before this one is out in the world, and I’m so excited. And nervous. But really excited. Sooo…I hope to see you at the release party on release day, Friday, August 27, 2021. Come help me celebrate!

In the meantime I have a quick snippet to share with you from Protecting Medusa.


She glared at him. “I’m not leaving.”

He raised one dark blond eyebrow. “I don’t remember asking you.”

She set her fork down. “Just because I made a mistake and slept with you does not give you permission to make my decisions. Also, you are no longer in the military, and not my commanding officer. And, FYI, I will not be sleeping with you again.”

He laughed. “Not much sleeping going on, the way I remember it.”

Heat scorched her face, and Philomena growled, curling her fingers into fists. on the table. “I am not looking for a relationship, and even if I were, you wouldn’t be at the top of my wish list.” Good Gods, no.

Ryder took a drink, though she couldn’t understand how, with that miserable grin still spread over his face. “You, Mena, are afraid to be in a relationship with a man stronger than you are.”

She blinked at him, her heart pounding faster. “What?” How could a man she’d managed to avoid for so long know so much about the way her brain worked?

“I’ve seen your ‘dates’. Bunch of pansies, without a spine in the whole lot. You pick men who won’t argue when you decide you’re done with them.” He lifted his fork. “It’s a tactic I’m immune to.” He scooped up more eggs.

Her mouth was dry, but she refused to lift her glass and let him know he’d hit the mark with his assessment of her. “How long have you been spying on me?” she asked instead.

He shook his head, swallowing his eggs. “Just trying to make sure you were safe. Can’t have you bringing danger home to Jason.”

That was low, and she shot him a fierce glare. “I have never dated anyone who was a danger to Jason,” she ground out.

“I know.” His grin remained smug, and she wanted to smack it off his face. “You’ve never dated anyone who was a threat to your remaining single either.”


So mark your calendars: release day is August 27, 2021, and the release party is on my Facebook page from 4-6pm ET. I hope to see you there for some fun, some goodies, and chat with other romance readers. I can’t wait!

Hope you all have a great week!

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