Ready for Fall

It’s cooler here the past few days. Not cool enough for me to turn the oven on for half the day, but cool enough to put a giant pot of chili on the stove for hubs (and of course, I’ll pack away a big container for the boys, too) for a couple of hours. The house smells so good right now. The chili isn’t for me, since it has beef in it, but that’s okay. My guys love it, so I do try to make it a few times during the soup season. Hopefully in a couple of weeks, it will be cool enough for me to turn the oven on and roast some veggies and maybe throw a roast in for hubs.

The chili is based on a recipe I found in a magazine a long, long time ago when I was looking for something for a winter party we were hosting. Everyone liked it, so I added it to the regular rotation in our household. It’s become a ‘comfort food’, I think. I couldn’t tell you where the physical recipe clipping is, or if I even still have it. I don’t think I’ve used it since the first time I made the chili. It’s one of those recipes you make and make and make, and you don’t need directions or measurements because you know it so well. (Also, if you’re like me, measurements are for baking only, and eyeball/guesstimate everything else. haha)

I’m still behind on my writing goals, so I’m at work on my tiger shifter, and have a little snippet of his story for you today.


Boris glanced up when his office door opened late the next morning. His uncle came into the room, frowning.

“Adar, what can I do for you?” He pushed his keyboard away and sat back in his seat.

The older man sat. “What’s this I hear about you taking a mate?”

Boris restrained a groan. His uncle always stuck his nose into the personal lives of the family. He was seriously old-school, too, and hated that there were so many unions that weren’t between pure-blooded shifters. He especially hated that non-shifters were married or mated to family members. Up till now, he’d kept his nose out of Boris’s relationships.

Steeling himself, he met his uncle’s gaze. “I have.”

Adar frowned harder. “Why haven’t I heard about it before now?”

“Because I’m an adult.” Boris kept his tone even, but he understood suddenly why his siblings had hated his uncle’s meddling.

“I didn’t mean that, and you know it.” Adar leaned forward in his chair. “I didn’t even think you were dating.”

“I am forty-two years old. I don’t have to share all my secrets with the world.” It was getting harder to keep his jaw unclenched.

His uncle glared at him. “Is she a tiger?”

Boris didn’t speak, his gaze leveled on the older man’s face.

Adar’s eyes widened, and his face flushed. “Is she even a shifter?” His voice rose on the question.

From the corner of his eye, Boris caught a flicker of movement in the hallway. “That isn’t really any of your business.” He shouldn’t bait the other man, but he understood now how his siblings had felt.

“Dammit, Boris, how could you–”

“Adar.” Boyd cut off his brother as he stepped into the office. “We’ve had this conversation too many times, and I’m tired of repeating myself.”

Adar’s ruddy face verged on purple as he shoved out of the chair, but he clamped his mouth shut.

“I need to talk to you about the security for the new complex, Boris. Do you have a minute?”


Adar growled on his way out, but he knew when he was beaten, at least temporarily.

Boyd sat in the seat his brother had just vacated. “Would it have killed you to tell him she’s a shifter instead of letting him get all riled up?”

Boris sighed. “Maybe not, Dad. But you’d think he’d know by now to mind his own damn business.”

“Not likely at his age.”


What kind of fall comfort foods have you been looking forward to? And while we’re on the subject of comfort, do you have comfort reads? Or a subgenre of romance you consider to be comfort reads? I rarely re-read books (too many more waiting to be read for a first time!), but I finished one of my favorite re-reads a few weeks ago because I felt the need for something I already knew I loved and would still love.

Have you read it? Do you re-read at all?

In case you haven’t read any one of my romances, I have links below for each. Maybe you will find one of them a new comfort read to add to your own list.

Light the Way Home

Hunting Medusa

Protecting Medusa

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