Ready for Winter

I know winter isn’t everyone’s favorite season–one of my best friends would live somewhere tropical instead of here in Pennsylvania if she could–but I love it. Not always the cold, but I’m an indoor person, so aside from necessary outings now, and regular feedings for the neighborhood stray cats, I can avoid it, and when I can’t, then I can come inside and make a cup of tea or hot chocolate to remedy the cold.

The weather guessers here have had snow showers in the extended forecasts several times in the past few weeks, but then changed those closer to the original days they said we would see some. When I went out to feed the neighborhood cats on Black Friday morning in the howling wind, there were a few flurries flying, but the wind was so wicked, they blew through here pretty fast–a blink-and-you’ll-miss-them thing. Last night, though, I was up late digging into long-ago family tree branches and when I got up from my desk to start closing things up for the night, there was snow covering most of the grass. I’d missed it falling, but I did enjoy seeing it. Of course it was gone this morning pretty quickly, but now I’m really ready for winter. We haven’t had a good one in a while, one where we get snowstorm after snowstorm, so I feel like we’re overdue.

I just got a nice big order to replenish some of my favorite teas the other day, and I have cocoa mixes in the kitchen, plus there are a ton (okay, maybe half a ton by actual weight) of unread books in my book room, so I think I’m actually ready to get ‘snowed in’. The kind of snow where the world is quiet outside your window for many hours while the big fat snowflakes pile up. I think our biggest snowfall last winter was about 6 or 7 inches and then it was gone. I want a few good nor’easters to dump several feet at a time on us. Perfect excuse to stay inside and read, right? At least until it’s over and you have to go shovel out the car or a path to the mailbox. And since I’m working from home for the foreseeable future, my car won’t need shoveling out, just the hubs’s work van.

Maybe Mother Nature can get on that soon. The first official day of winter is coming up in a few weeks.

I had hoped to get the third book in the Medusa’s Daughters Trilogy out into the world by now, but I really feel like it needs another set of eyes on it before I do that, so I am still on the hunt for a new critique partner or group. I don’t want to release it and have it be crap, you know? So while I do have the gorgeous cover ready to go, I want the contents to be pretty, too, so I’m afraid it has to wait a bit longer.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t still tease with it in the meantime, I think, so today’s Sunday snippet is from Freeing Medusa.


“I don’t want you to think I’m ungrateful. I know that Harvester would have killed me if you hadn’t gotten there at just the right time.” She tried to remember every point she needed to argue, everything that had occurred to her during her shower.


She lifted her gaze to meet his.

“Eat your lunch. We’ll figure out our next step after we’re done.” He smiled.

She frowned, her heart pounding harder in reaction to that smile. Leftover hormones, she thought.

Rather than argue with him now, she forced her gaze back to her plate and picked up the rest of her sandwich.

Finally, Hunter sat back in his chair when he’d polished off his own lunch. “Okay. Hit me.”

She blinked at him. “What?”

“Give me your best argument.”

That wasn’t what she’d expected. She frowned again, pushing her empty plate aside and resting her forearms on the edge of the table. “I shouldn’t need to convince you,” she said after a moment. “You saw him. You heard how determined he is. And there are more just like him. Lots more.” She brushed her fingers absently over the smooth surface of the table. “My best bet right now is to hook up with one of my cousins or their husbands who’ve dealt with the Harvesters before. Then you’ll be safe.”

“That’s the best you can muster?”

Katharine glared at him, more annoyed when he just continued to smile at her. Only half a day ago, that look would have killed him. Now it didn’t even make her feel better to know that. “I shouldn’t have to convince you that you’re unsafe as long as you’re with me.”

He shrugged. “I’m not the Medusa. They’re not interested in me.”

That was true. She shook her head. “That doesn’t matter. My cousin Philomena, who was the Medusa before me, had Harvesters target her family to try to reach her.”

He shrugged again. “I’m not family. They have no way to connect me to you.”

“Except for the one who saw you Monday.”

“But he doesn’t know who I am. I didn’t introduce myself while I was holding him at gunpoint.”


I do love Hunter. Might be time for me to dig out a couple of pics of the model that we chose to portray him on the cover. All kinds of yummy, and I can’t remember if I shared him here, or just on my Facebook page during the release party for Protecting Medusa.

So…are you ready to settle in for winter, too? Or do you have some prep to do first? Stocking up on your hot beverages of choice? Adding to the TBR pile? I do know the holiday season is underway, which will make hibernation more of a challenge for some people, but I bet you can pull both off.

Oh, before I go, I wanted to let you know I have a guest post going up on Delilah Devlin’s blog on Mon, November 29, 2021, and there is a giveaway. I hope you’ll pop over and check it out to enter the giveaway.

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