Slow Start

How has the first week of your new year gone? Slower than you expected? Me, too. I think that’s okay. Imagine trying to rush out of the starting gate and then stumbling. Probably not a good way to start, so I think slow is okay, and we can pick up speed and momentum later. We’re having a couple of busy weeks at the day-job, and then we’ll have a slower week, so I’ve already planned a long weekend so I can spend some time working on my to-do list.

I have been working on booksigning prep this week, though. Got a couple of things ordered, including something for the giveaway we’ll be doing at the signing. I still need to finish wading through my booksigning bag to be sure I have everything I’ll need, aside from the books, which will be here in the next week or two. Even though it isn’t the first time, it’s still exciting to open a box and come face to face with your beautiful books. (Plus I have to say, the model on the front of Protecting Medusa is pretty hot, right? Maybe I should put him on a few more social media graphics, I have plenty of other images of him waiting to unleash on the world, and some more of the model who will be on the cover of Freeing Medusa when the time comes.)

I got to check something off my January goals list at the beginning of the week, which made me happy, and I’m working on the vision board challenge that started mid-week. It’s interesting, though I’m not sure how it’s going to work for me. I also have the anti-resolution challenge kicking off this week, so I’m hoping that comes in handy on the goals front. If not, well, that’s okay; I love the challenge leader from other webinars and events, so I think it’ll be good no matter what.

Looking at all three (so far) of my books together on my desk has been pretty inspiring, writing-wise, so I think I’ll be able to check off a bigger item on my goals list well before the month ends. They are very pretty, aren’t they?

Before I get back to the open manuscript on my desktop, I have a little snippet for you from Light the Way Home.


Nate schooled his expression to neutrality before turning around. Hayden’s chin jutted stubbornly, and his blue eyes narrowed. “I’m saying Lucie might be busy right now,” Nate said evenly. “Maybe we’ll see her outside tomorrow.”

“I can knock on the door.” His son crossed his arms on his chest, covering the spotted blue dog graphic. “She said we’d play later, and it’s later.”

“We can check, buddy, but you have to promise not to be upset if she’s busy. Plus it’ll be suppertime soon, so we’ll be busy here, too.”

Hayden’s chin jutted out further.

“Just don’t get your hopes up,” he said, trying to keep his tone from dropping in defeat.

Hayden bolted for the back door.

Nate followed more slowly, picking up his son’s jacket from the chair inside the door. By the time he reached the bottom step, he heard his son’s voice, then Lucie spoke in reply, though he couldn’t hear the words. When he cleared the lilac bushes, he expected to see Hayden’s shoulders droop.

He was a little surprised to see the two of them walking into the middle of the neighboring yard while Lucie bounced the big yellow ball on one hand. Huh. He would’ve bet on her putting Hayden off. He paused at the open gate between the yards to watch them. They’d stopped, and she crouched in front of Hayden, who chattered a mile a minute. She nodded as she rose.

Hayden jogged backward a few steps, grinning, then held out both hands.

Lucie gave the ball another bounce before she tossed it to him.

His son caught it, giggling. “Too easy,” he shouted. He jumped once, the moved a few more steps away from her. “Ready?”

“Ready!” She leaned forward and held out her hands.

Nate wished he could see her expression.

Hayden lobbed the ball at her, and she caught it before it hit her in the face. He smiled and shook his head when his laughing son danced backward a couple more paces. “Throw it again!”

“You sure you can catch it so far away?” The tease in her voice made Nate relax. Lucie Russo might be a nice woman. Harry and Mindi trusted her, which meant she was okay.

But she seemed to be enjoying his son, genuinely enjoying him. Maybe she had nieces or nephews–she was comfortable, chatting with Hayden as they played catch.

He leaned on the fence to watch.

“Daddy, come play with us!”

Lucie straightened and looked over her shoulder, eyes widening.

Nate felt a little kick in his gut at the appealing image–pink cheeks, green eyes that tipped up at the outer corners, full lower lip dropping a tiny bit. Lucie Russo was pretty.


Time for a bit more writing, then some dinner, and I think a bit more vision board challenge before I call it a day. Maybe a little reading time before bed to round out the weekend. I think that will qualify as today’s Joy. Do any of you choose a ‘theme’ word for the year? If you do, I’d love to hear yours.

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