So Much to Do

I’m not complaining. Just making an observation. My to-do list never seems to shrink, and some things repeat regularly. I’m positive I’m not alone in that. Some weeks it feels like a never-ending loop, doesn’t it?

We’ve been making an effort to unwind a bit on weekend nights with movies. Last week we finished the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This week, we started both the Batman and Hobbit trilogies, which will get us through the next two weekends. We’ve seen these before, though not recently, so it’s a nice break from the hamster-wheel of day-jobs and regular adult life.

The next week and a half at the day-job are likely to be busy–we’ve reached that stretch of the month again–but I am aiming to stay on track with my writing goals throughout. I’m working ahead a bit today on some revisions I want to complete this month so I don’t feel so stressed in the next week or so. I’m actually in a good place right now with this month’s goals, and if it gets too crazy this week to really concentrate on some of the big things on my writing list, I have a few smaller things I can work on instead, which will help me to feel like I’m still making progress.

Before I go back to my revisions, I have a story snippet for you, from Light the Way Home. If you haven’t read it yet, clicking on the title will take you to your favorite bookseller to snag a copy.


Lucie didn’t argue when Nate refused her help with the dishes. Her insides still quivered from the realization that he was attracted to her.

“I’ll see you in the mornin’, Lucie!” Hayden shouted, hopping on one foot.

She smiled as she put her sweater on. “Yes, you will.” They’d already decided Hayden would join her after breakfast so Nate could cram in a few hours of work before he headed to the hospital to see his dad–and try to get his mother to come home rather than sleep on the less-than-ideal pull-out chair-bed in his dad’s hospital room again.

She wasn’t sure that was a battle he would win, but she understood his concern.

Hayden gave her a quick hug and then ran back to his book in the living room.

“I really do appreciate this, Lucie,” Nate said from where he stood at the sink.

“It’s nothing, Nate,” she said lightly. “Keeps me from having to spend endless hours on job search sites and getting more depressed than I already am.” She kept her head down as she buttoned her sweater up to her chin.

“It isn’t nothing to me.”

His firm, quiet tone snared her attention, and her mouth went dry. The shadows in his brown eyes made her curl her fingers around the edges of her sweater to keep from reaching out.

“I’m not accustomed to asking for help.” He cleared his throat. “I appreciate it.”

She swallowed. “It’s no problem,” she whispered. Dammit–hot, attracted to her, and vulnerable. Shit, that was trouble. She took a slow breath. “I’ll see you in the morning then.” She inched toward the door.

A hint of awareness darkened his eyes, but he stayed where he was. “Good night, Lucie.”

She took two more steps, clearing the doorway to the mud room, and a little relief sank into her belly. Until she heard footsteps behind her.

Within reach of the back door, she whirled. He stood at the open doorway of the kitchen, undisguised desire in his eyes this time. Her heart skipped a beat, and she felt a quick rush of excitement that she tried to squash as he stepped into the mud room. She held her breath as he took another step. One more. Until he stood a foot away, and her breath rushed out.

He studied her face for a long moment, and she wondered what he saw, what he was looking for. Impulsively, she moved closer to him, noting the way his eyes rounded, and she stretched up to brush a kiss on his mouth, lingered for a second, then stepped back.

“Good night, Nate,” she whispered, reaching behind her for the doorknob.

His dark gaze followed her out the door, and she turned away, a smile curving her lips.


Now I’m off to those revisions on the third Medusa story, Freeing Medusa, again.

What are you doing this week to break the unending cycle of work/chores/adult problems? I’d love to hear, and you can comment here, or pop by my Facebook or Twitter pages to let me know, too.