Starting the Countdown!

I am so excited about this. It was thrilling, getting Hunting Medusa back out into the world after much too long, but even more exciting is knowing the rest of the Medusa’s Daughters trilogy is coming, too, especially since Protecting Medusa is less than three weeks from release day right now.

I had mentioned some time ago that I’d be sharing the pretty face we settled on for the book cover, possibly more than anyone but me could stand, but I did take a break from that to share birthday cakes and Hunting Medusa things for a while. But now birthday month is over, Hunting Medusa is available in all the bookstores, and now it’s time to go back to Ryder Ware.

Naturally, there will be a release party. I have already started setting that up on my Facebook page, so put it onto your calendars for Friday, August 27, 2021, 4-6 pm ET. I have goodies (of course!) and some party games ready to go. Virtual bubbly and your favorite cakes are on the menu, too. I hope you’ll all join me to celebrate.

I have a little snippet for you today from Protecting Medusa to whet your appetite to meet him.


Ryder Ware stood at the window, watching the man stride along the road in the dark. The other man couldn’t see him, but Ryder remained frozen anyway, barely breathing. After tracking this guy for weeks, his patience had finally paid off. The man was a Harvester, and his quarry was one Philomena Gregory, the current Medusa.

Ryder wouldn’t allow the man to have her.

He watched as the Harvester walked toward him, not even bothering to skulk in the early dark of winter as he made his way toward Philomena’s mother’s house. The stranger must’ve believed no one was home, despite the faint light shining from between the living room curtains.

He knew exactly where the guy was heading. He’d have gone to the same spot if he were a Harvester. And Ryder would beat him there. Catch him off guard.

Ryder headed upstairs. He stripped and turned on the water in the bathtub, aiming the showerhead straight down to minimize how wet he’d get, and waited at the back of the tub, curtain shut, pulse only beating slightly faster than normal. He could ignore the fruity-smelling shower gel and shampoo that he’d bet belonged to Philomena for a few minutes.

The guy thought he’d be getting one of the women by surprise, but he’d find out in a hurry he was dealing with someone much more dangerous.


Now I’m going to stay indoors as much as possible the rest of the day. It’s getting hot and sticky again here, and I have plenty of writing waiting to be done, as well as release prep so I can make my writing goals for this month, and maybe catch up on some things I wanted done last month.

How are you spending this hot August week?

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