Taking Stock

It’s the time of year for me where I start taking a hard look at what I’ve gotten accomplished and thinking about what I want to accomplish in the new year. To be honest, I started thinking about 2022 goals a while back, when I was reworking monthly goals for this year. I’m nowhere near ready to set those 2022 goals in stone, or even on paper, but they’re in my head while I try to decide honestly what I can pull off without too much stress, and considering how much I want to push my comfort zone.

How soon do you start thinking about things like that? Now? Sooner? New Year’s Eve?

Before I get back to today’s new word count, I have a quick snippet for you from Freeing Medusa (sorry, I don’t have the release date yet to share with you, but hopefully soon!).


Hunter had to do more digging to find Katharine than he’d guessed would be necessary. It took him several hours and finally a phone call to a friend at the DOT to get her mailing and street addresses. By then it was too late to call or show up at her door unannounced. In the morning, he checked in at the office to see what Mary Ann had on tap for him. Luckily, he had a couple hours free before he had to meet with a new client. Time to see Katharine.

He debated getting a gift certificate for a lingerie store to take a long, to replace the underwear he’d destroyed, then decided that might be a little much, considering he was still a virtual stranger.

Instead he picked up a fistful of daisies and drove across town to the address his buddy had given him last night. A neat little one story white house with an attached garage. Two narrow flowerbeds flanked the two steps to the front door.

And a tall guy in black shoved open a window at the side of the house as Hunter eased his car along the street.

Heart pounding faster, he didn’t stop in front of her house as he’d intended, but down the street several houses, and the way the houses were spaced on her street, it was far enough that the guy wouldn’t hear him and automatically assume he was coming to Katharine’s. He left the daisies on the seat and sprinted back to her house, through her neighbors’ yards. He peered around the corner of her house. The side window was open, and there was no sign of the man. He was inside.

Hunter’s pulse quickened even more. No time to call the cops. He stepped up to the front door, noting the alarm company stick in the front window. He didn’t want to do damage to her door, though, or alert the intruder to his entry, so he pulled a pick out of his pocket and jiggled it carefully in the lock until the latch gave. Then he stepped inside, holding his breath while hoping the alarm would take a few seconds before it went off.


Now I need to get back to my list of November writing goals before I start working on Sunday dinner. Do you have your goals ready for the new month yet? Or are you still fine-tuning, too?


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