Taking Stock

It’s that time of month again for me. Time to look at the month that is winding down and try to plan for the next. I didn’t get as much writing done as I wanted, though I did get quite a bit of reading done–it’s easier to dive into reading than into writing when your brain is toast, isn’t it? We’ve had a bit more stress at the day-job lately, at my level and beyond, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change soon. So I’m trying to get myself into a different mindset for after-hours so I’ll be able to get more writing done. I’ll figure it out.

Before I go eke out some new words, I have a quick snippet for you today from Freeing Medusa. I do not have a release date on this yet to share, but I’m working on it.


Katharine had had enough. Her skin tingled with the need for release again, and her heart beat too fast. She hadn’t seen any likely candidates. Even a desperate Medusa had standards.

Which meant it was time to go home and break out a couple more vibrators to get through tonight. Dammit.

She took another sip from her glass, smiling at Ramona from her post on the deck. Her friend danced with someone she’d just greeted enthusiastically just a little while ago. She hated to interrupt that, but it really was time to go home.

Katharine sighed and shifted her shoulders, trying to loosen the tight muscles there. She turned her gaze over the crowd one last time, and her breath caught in her chest.

He was gorgeous, in a rugged sort of way. His nose had been broken at least once. A dimple dented his chin, and he had the brightest blue eyes she’d ever seen, black hair dipping over one of them. His green shirt stretched taut over strong shoulders and a wide chest, then tucked into a pair of jeans that fit nicely on narrow hips.

Her heartbeat quickened in anticipation.

Then he glanced up from his conversation with a shorter man and caught her eye. A slow smile curved his mouth as his gaze slid down the front of her, making her skin warm in anticipation, then back up, lingering on her mouth.

Her lips tingled hopefully.



In my huge reading spree lately, I’m up to Creation in Death in my re-read of the In Death series. Almost to the current halfway point of the series. Roarke is yummy as always. Have you read the series? Where does Roarke rank on your list of fictional heroes?

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