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The End

I know when I get to the end of a book I’m reading, I want a resolution, and generally, a happy one.  After all, I read mostly romance novels, and that happy ending is what makes the book.  But when I’m watching some of my favorite shows, there isn’t always a resolution.

Tonight was the season finale of one of my favorite shows, and I would definitely call the ending a cliffhanger.  The trouble with that is, the viewers don’t even know yet if there is going to be a next season.  If I knew for sure the network had already signed a contract for a Season 4 for this show, I would probably not mind the ending the writers of the show dreamed up for tonight’s finale.  As things stand, I hope there’s going to be another season, so I can find out the ramifications of the main character’s actions at the end of this episode.  And if it turns out there isn’t, I’m going to be very, very unhappy.

Which is a really good reason for me to stick with my romance novels, since I know I’m going to get the resolution I want, no matter what.  That’s something I enjoy when I’m writing as well, that knowing that know matter what I might put my characters through along the way, they’re going to get that happy ending they’ve been working toward.

How about you?  Do you hate a cliffhanger ending when you’re watching a favorite show?


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