Time for Relaxation?

This is a crazy time of year for a lot of people, with little down time. That seems wrong. It’s the end of the year, the start of winter, when the Earth is resting before the spring and new growth. Why shouldn’t we also be resting instead of running ourselves ragged? With the shorter days and early dark, this is the perfect time of year to curl up in a comfy seat with a good read and hot drink. Or a glass of wine. Or whatever your winter drink of choice is.

I have just a couple more days of crazy at the day-job this week, and then a long weekend off. I do have a couple of things that I have to do at the start of it, but then I have reading on my to-do list. It’s a shame it won’t be cold enough here for snow, but it will certainly be cool enough to put on a cozy sweater and pour a mug of hot cocoa and sit down with something good to read.

I may even do a little of that this evening, after dinner, which I should get started now. Before I get to that, I have a snippet for you from my second shifter story, which I’ve been polishing a bit.


India strode into the meeting room Monday and stopped short.


He sat on the far side of the table so he could see the door, and his gaze darkened slightly while she stared.

Heat flared in her middle as her heart sped up. “What are you–” She shut her mouth when she heard her father and uncle approaching behind her. She moved away from the door and claimed a seat on the opposite side of the table, far enough from Rory that she wouldn’t be tempted to stare during the meeting.

How could she have forgotten he’d mentioned the meetings? Must have been when he kissed her stupid, then asked her to be with him again three days ago.

Only one of many reasons she should never have agreed to that dinner. She knew better. Superman had kryptonite, she had Rory Phelan.

She felt his gaze on her, and she busied herself taking her tablet out and checking her phone.

She hoped, oh, Gods, she hoped he wasn’t going to be here for the entire session. She didn’t have enough willpower for that. She’d be lucky to make it through the day at this rate. But he hadn’t mentioned it, aside from his initial phone call.

And why hadn’t she remembered he’d said he’d be here? Stupid of her. So stupid.

She kept her gaze on her tablet, opening her email just to keep from looking down the table. She’d been too busy the last few days thinking about those kisses to think about the phone conversation beforehand.

Hell, she hadn’t even packed anything except work clothing and very casual clothing for when she got to hole up in her room at the end of the day. She snuck a peek at the ice blue suit she wore. Completely professional, not the least bit sexy.

She gave herself a mental kick in the ass. Who cared about the clothes she’d packed for the week? It was better that she hadn’t packed anything with Rory in mind.

She glanced up at her father, who smiled, though he looked distracted as he sat in his seat at the head of the conference table. She was here for work.

Not for the mate she couldn’t have.


What are the chances you can work some down-time into your schedule this week? Half an hour? An hour? More would be better, but some weeks, I’ll take what little I can get. What will you do with your down-time? Meditate? Watch a favorite movie? Read? I’d love to hear.


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