Tossing the To Do List Out the Window

Wouldn’t that be a lovely thing? To just dump that chore list, forget about all the stuff that needs doing?

Obviously, we can’t do that all the time–imagine if we quit doing laundry or washing dishes? It wouldn’t take long before we ran out of clean clothes and dishes. But sometimes you just need to do it for a day. Or a week. And just…do something else.

So I’m going to say right now, aside from the necessary day to day things (like that pesky laundry), I am setting aside my to-do list for the rest of the month. I do need to work out my 2022 writing goals in the next few weeks, but other than that, I am going to take a breather. I’m not going to worry about word counts or page counts. I’m not going to stress about the day-job when I’m not on the clock. I’ll still put new words on pages, but I’m not going to look at the 2021 writing goal list and berate myself for not achieving everything on it.

I’d love to go get a massage, which would help with the de-stressing, but the new covid case numbers in my area have been skyrocketing again, so I’ll hold off on that. Instead, I’ll do some more reading, watch some favorite movies I’ve seen countless times already, and catch my breath so when the new year arrives, I will be ready for that fresh start.

I have a little snippet for you today from Light the Way Home.


Maybe kissing Lucie wasn’t such a terrible idea. She wasn’t staying. He could give in to the urge and then forget about it after she was gone.

And dammit, he wanted to kiss her. Blowing out a hard breath, he rinsed Hayden’s juice glass and shut off the faucet as their footsteps neared. He glanced over and watched her cheeks turn pink. “Hi.”

“Daddy, can we play outside later?”

He blinked and turned his attention to his son. “I’ll try, buddy, but–”

“I meant Lucie an’ me.” Hayden gave him a quick frown. “It’s sunny out.”

“And I bet the grass is crunchy, too.” He met Lucie’s gaze, restraining a smile at her nod and his son’s subsequent down-turned mouth. “Maybe we can talk about it at lunchtime after I get some things done.”

His son pursed his lips, blue eyes narrowed as he studied his father for a few seconds. “Okay.”

“It’s actually pretty chilly out this morning,” Lucie said. “I had to get my really heavy sweater out. I’ll have to get my coat out soon.”

Hayden looked up at her. “Really?”

She tugged at the collar of the thick green sweater she wore.

The little boy heaved a giant sigh. “Okay.” He released her hand. “I gotta get my bear.” He ran out of the kitchen.

“Slow on the stairs, buddy!” Nate called.


Lucie winced while she listened to his footsteps rushing up the steps.

Nate set the juice glass down and crossed the floor to where she stood. “I need to know,” he said, bending to catch her soft mouth with his.

She made a startled sound, then set both of her hands flat on his chest, her lips parting.

He’d been right. She tasted sweet. He slid one hand into her loose hair, ignoring the slight dampness to tip her head so he could delve deeper.

She let him. God, she let him.


If you haven’t read this one yet, clicking on the title above will take you to your favorite online bookseller to check it out. Or click on the image below to check out all three if you haven’t read all of them yet.

So is anyone else ready to toss the to-do list this month? Will you? Or will you stick with it? Let me know. I’d love to commiserate.

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