Weekends Are Too Short

This weekend definitely got away from me. I did some day-job OT yesterday, more than I anticipated to get the work cleared out, plus the regular Saturday chores, which meant today should have been productive on things that are more fun. I did not, however, get things checked off my to-do list. Instead, I got sucked into some genealogy and the day was gone before I knew it. I didn’t get changed into real clothes till supper time so I could go pick up dinner from our favorite local Asian restaurant. Oops.

So, since I am going to be scrambling to get caught up the next couple of days, I have just a quick snippet of Freeing Medusa before I get back to the to-do list.


Ari woke from a fitful sleep when his bedroom light flashed on. He stumbled out of bed and onto his knees at the sight that met his gaze. “My Lady,” he murmured, his heart beating much too quickly.

“Aristotle, your family has failed me again.”

Heat rushed to his face. “I know, my Lady, and I offer my most abject apologies.” Goddess damn those nephews of his for letting the monster get away again.

“This must stop, Aristotle. Your family has failed at its mission for too long, and it cannot continue. I expect better from my servants.”

He shut his eyes tight. “We will get her, my Lady.”

“You must. Or your family will lose my favor forever.”

His eyes popped open in horror and fear.

“If this Medusa is not eliminated, I will be forced to take drastic action.”

He dared a glance in the Goddess’s direction, and even without looking any higher than the gleaming folds of Her gown, he knew She was furious. Waves of angry energy rolled from Her.

“If this Medusa is not hunted down and killed, your family will suffer my displeasure. Do you understand?”

Her displeasure would involve eliminating the Tassos family, he feared. “Yes, my Lady. Forgive me, my Lady, for this failure. I promise we will find and kill her.” He bent his head again, fear racing along his veins.

When only silence hung in the air, he opened his eyes once more to an empty room. It took him a moment to struggle to his feet, and then he had to steady himself on the edge of his bed for a few more seconds before he could cross the room to the telephone on his dresser. He pressed a button to dial a stored number and lifted the receiver to his ear.

“I require a progress report,” he said unsteadily when a sleepy voice sounded in his ear. “The Goddess is angry.”

He feared Her anger this time was more dangerous than ever before.

He feared failing at his task.

He feared the dishonor another failure would create.

He refused to fail again.

This Medusa would die at the hands of a Tassos, as the Goddess had decreed. He would make sure of it.


I am still working out my release timeline for Freeing Medusa, but will be shouting the release date from the rooftops when everything is set. In the meantime, have you picked up the first two books in the trilogy yet? Hunting Medusa and Protecting Medusa are both available at your favorite online booksellers (and available for physical bookstores to order, too!).

How did you spend your weekend? Being productive? Or did your weekend get away from you, too?

Also, I think we need some pretty to kick off the new week, so this is the face that is on the cover of Freeing Medusa. I can’t wait to share it with you, but this will do for now, yes?

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