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If you're looking for some amazing stories with characters you might meet on the street, these are some of my very favorite authors for great contemporary romances.


I'm a sucker for a great paranormal story, and these are some of my go-to authors for a romance that completely makes me buy into their worlds and fall in love with their characters.

Gwyn Cready    Pamela Palmer    Kresley Cole    Jennifer Lyon


Sometimes you think it might be simpler to live long ago, and then you read a great romance that makes you wish you did live long ago, even if it wasn't really any simpler. These are some of my auto-buy historical authors who fit that bill perfectly.

Mary Balogh    Sophia Nash    Diana Gabaldon    Jo Beverley    Tracy Anne Warren


Some of my very favorite authors can't tell just one sort of story, and these authors cross genre boundaries, or bounce back and forth, telling incredible tales in every single category they venture.

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