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Anniversaries and Sparkly, Shinies and Celebrations

So today is my wedding anniversary.  I’m not sure how twenty years have gone by so quickly, but that’s where we are today.  Some years, I try to coordinate gifts with those lists you can find that tell you what is associated with each year.  Other years, it’s nearly impossible to do that.  I mean, lace for the thirteenth year is all well and good for a man buying for his wife, but lace for the husband? Um, probably not.  This year, according to the chart I use most often, should be china or platinum.  Since my husband doesn’t drink tea, china is not an option.  So, even before I meant to start shopping, I actually found a gift for him that I loved which, it turns out, has nothing to do with any of the suggestions for twenty years.  I’m okay with that, since I still love it.  My husband, however, went further out on that chart to the gemstone and found me a lovely sparkly. 

Pretty, yes?  I did take it off for dinner prep, but I foresee this getting a lot of wear.  I think I may keep him another twenty years or more.

I am still slogging through my rewrites of the second Medusa story, and I have reached a point where the hero wants to tell his heroine how he feels about her, but he knows she isn’t ready to hear that, and he’s afraid she might never be ready.  I feel rather bad for him right now.  I also feel rather bad that I’m still wrestling with this story.  But I want to share a little snippet with you from that one.  Ryder has taken Mena to his company’s office in Philadelphia so she can come up with ideas for his business website, and after their tour, she gets the feeling someone is watching them.


Downstairs, they paused at the security desk just long enough for Ryder to murmur something to the security guard, and then they hit the sidewalk, moving quickly.

“If I tell you to run, can you find your way back to the truck?” he asked, his gaze darting around.

She tried to think.  “Maybe.”

He pressed a key into her hand.  “Good.  If I tell you to run, you go.  Get back to the cabin and I’ll meet you there.”

“What about you?”  She felt an irrational urge to run now.  To get as far away from here as she could.

“I’ll get there.  But if I have to stay behind to deal with anything, I don’t want you to wait around.”  His fingers tightened on her arm.  “Your first priority is to get to safety.”

They were within sight of the truck when he swore under his breath.  “We need to move, baby.”  He started to run, and she picked up her own pace, her boots thumping on the sidewalk.

From behind them, she heard people shouting.  “Hey, watch where you’re going, buddy!” and “Yo, that was my foot!”

A Harvester.  And apparently, he didn’t care that they were on the street in a very big city with a very large audience.


I wanted very much to be done with this book ages ago,  not to mention the book that comes after.  But I remember why I love this hero.  He is awesome and yummy, and he deserves to have his story finished properly.  So I’m going to do just that.

While I’m here, I want to let you know I’ll be participating in a release day celebration for a friend’s book over on Facebook: The Wedding Secret “Happy Ever After” Hour Virtual Launch Party.    I am very excited about this, and there are so many awesome authors taking part, I hope you’ll join us on May 20 from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. ET.  There are going to be goodies and swag and so much fun!

And now I’m going to get a little sleep so I can go to the evil day job tomorrow.  I hope you’re all reading something great!


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