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While I’m wrestling with a real life decision, I’ve been distracting myself with my very pretty cover art again.

My shiny new cover art! isn't it pretty?

My shiny new cover art! isn’t it pretty?

I’m sure I’m not alone in doing something like that–taking a break from a challenging problem to do something I enjoy.  For me, it’s usually reading or writing.  In this case, it’s admiring my book cover (and waiting for revisions to come, too!) while I let my brain do its thing in the background.  This has made me feel a whole lot better about my day today, while also making me think ahead to the end of January when my book will be out.  I’m very excited about that, and, even though it seems like a very long way off, I’m pretty sure the time will fly by.

What kind of distractions do you use when you need a break from real life?


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