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Bad Timing & an Excerpt

Here in the U.S, we’re getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving this week.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, mostly because it’s all about family and some of the best food ever.  For me, this is also the busiest week of the year at the day-job, and it has been a doozy so far.  That probably sounds odd, since it’s Sunday when I’m writing this.  I work Monday through Friday (usually) at the day-job, but our weeks technically start on Wednesday and run through Tuesday, and right now, we’re heading into the finish of this crazy-busy week.  So, of course, I have picked up a cold from somewhere.  Because why not this week?  I have an insane Monday coming tomorrow, and then not so bad for Tuesday, but I took a vacation day for Wednesday so I can prep for Thanksgiving dinner–because I didn’t want to spend the entire day in the kitchen this year.  I want to actually get to enjoy it with my family.


( Photo credit: timsackton via / CC BY-SA )

While the turkey is awesome, I’m really a big fan of the stuffing, and the cranberry walnut relish, and the corn pudding.  And dessert, which will be a pumpkin spice cake this year.  Yum!

So I’m going to keep popping vitamin C like crazy, while sipping hot tea and chicken noodle soup to make it through the next couple of days so I can enjoy my Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.

And for now I’ll leave you with a little snippet of ‘bad timing’ from the hot tiger shifter I’m working on now.


Laney shook her head a little. “I’m sorry,” she said, meeting Anton’s gaze again. “This evening–” “Has been an unexpected pleasure,” he finished, leaning closer so no one else could hear him. His breath warmed her ear. He was too close. Her gaze stuck on his, only inches away. “You like playing cat and mouse on a Friday night?” she murmured. “I like having a good dinner with an attractive woman.” His gaze never strayed. “I don’t do it often.” She frowned. “Why not?” “Because I’m not in the market for a relationship, and most Friday night dinners lead to expectations.” Laney swallowed down a laugh, though she couldn’t stop a smile. “Well, you got very lucky then, because I’m definitely not in the market for a relationship either.”

“Very lucky,” he echoed, his gaze finally sliding down.

She felt it on her mouth, and she took an unsteady breath. His green eyes darkened a little when he met her gaze again. She wondered what his kiss would be like. Stupid, she knew, but it had been a long time since she kissed a man.

“Dessert,” Tomas said, startling her. Anton gave her nape a gentle squeeze. “It looks great,” he said without looking away from Laney. She caught herself leaning toward him and stopped. Stupid. She started to straighten, but his big hand wrapped around the back of her neck kept her where she was. Her heartbeat kicked up a few notches when she read the intent in his face–and the question in his eyes. Swallowing hard, she weighed the wisdom of it against the curiosity and unexpected want. The latter two won, and she lifted her chin as she leaned toward him. A flicker of surprise lightened his eyes, right before he bent to catch her mouth with his. He kept the kiss light, but he lingered, and Laney wanted a better taste, but he lifted his head when she touched his jaw.


I hope you all have a wonderful week, and if you’re in the U.S, that you get to celebrate your Thanksgiving in the way you love best! I’m looking forward to the cake.


( Photo credit: Tavallai via / CC BY-ND )


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