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Balancing Real Life with Writing Life

It sounds easy enough, right?  But for the last couple of months, real life, ie, my day-job, has been wreaking havoc with the rest of my life, and it’s starting to make me cranky.  The day-job is hogging up entirely too much time.  Unfortunately, the paycheck is necessary, so there isn’t much I can do about it at the moment, except keep it together until my writing retreat at the beach in just over a week.  Squeezing in writing time on my lunch breaks and in the car before I start work every day is still getting words on the page, but not enough to suit me.  Not nearly as many as I’m accustomed to having on my page.  Even my reading time has been sucked up in the day-job stress and chaos.  I even have a section of flowerbed that is still waiting for attention because when I’ve had time, the weather hasn’t cooperated, or when the weather is nice enough, I’m at work and can’t finish cleaning it up for the summer.  When you’re being pulled in different directions, how do you find balance?  Or do you just ride it out until the mess is untangled?

early spring gardens


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