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Busy Month

December always feel like we're trying to cram several months into just a few weeks. Silly, I think. But for me, one of the biggest things during the month is all the goal-setting. I'm still in the early phases of figuring out what I'd like to accomplish in 2024, and will whittle down the list to (hopefully!) a list that's actually doable. Some years that works better than others. This year, not so much. Hopefully next year's list will be better.

One of the things I will get done in 2024 is releasing Freeing Medusa, the third and final book in "The Medusa's Daughters" trilogy, so this week, I have a little snippet of that story for you.


When she woke at lunchtim, she felt so much better. She rolled onto her back, stretching cautiously. No more cramps.

Thank the Gods.

"Ah, you're up." Hunter's footsteps sounded on the floor, startling her.

"Hi." Her voice was rusty, she realized, pushing herself upright.

"Take it easy." His weight made the side of the bed sink lower.

"I'm feeling better." She tugged the blindfold up, blinking in the bright midday light.

Hunter looked good. Just as good as he had Friday night, she realized. His dark hair was mussed, as if he'd been dragging his fingers through it, and his bright blue eyes held relief. He'd be glad to be rid of her.

Katharine swallowed, setting the blindfold on the night stand beside the bed.

"I'm glad to hear it." He pushed a strand of hair away from her cheek. "You're still pale."

She shrugged, averting her gaze from his watchful eyes.

"You want to hit the shower? I have lunch ready."

She blushed, thinking of his assistance with her last shower. "Sure." Then she could get out of here.

He startled her by leaning close and brushing a kiss on her mouth. "We can talk about what we're going to do next."

Her gaze flew back to his, and her mouth dropped open. "'We' don't need to do anything," she started.

Hunter put his fingers over her mouth. "Don't. I don't want to argue with you before we get lunch."

She swallowed but kept her mouth shut. She could tell him later his temporary guardianship was over. She waited while he held her gaze for a long moment, resisting the urge to tell him now.

Finally, he nodded once and got to his feet. "I'll have lunch on when you come down." He touched her cheek with one finger, then turned to leave the room.

Katharine shut her eyes for a second before throwing the blankets back. All through her shower, she kept replaying last night and their short conversation just now. He'd understand once she told him her cousins and their husbands would be her best bet for safety.


Isn't he pretty? That photo above isn't the cover art for the book, but his face will be on the cover. I've been dying to share it, but I'm waiting until we have the release date set, and then you'll want me to stop sharing, because I'll be posting it everywhere. Haha.

Now I have to go actually do some things from my chore list. It's been slow going this weekend since the laundry is taking more than twice the normal amount of time--the dryer decided two weeks ago that it wasn't going to get hot consistently, so we're waiting for a service call this week (finally!), and in the meantime, it takes way longer to dry the wash when hot air only blows sometimes. Cold air and the rotation will still get the laundry dry, it just takes much longer. I can't wait till it's fixed and my laundry goes back to a normal afternoon instead of two days.

I am going to take a break from chores for a little while to do some revising this afternoon, but mostly it's chores today, then back to work tomorrow. I do get a break during the week, though, to go to Longwood Gardens and check out their holiday displays. What are you hoping to get done this week? I'd love to hear!


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