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Conference Hangover


That was the view from our room onto Times Square last week at the fantastic Romance Writers of America 2015 annual conference.  Dizzying, yes?  Not nearly as much as the glass elevators that zoomed up and down so high your ears will pop.

Our week got off to a fun start with seats up close and personal at Les Miserables our first night in NYC.  My crit partner has a serious crush on the actor currently playing the lead.  My conference really started, though, on Wednesday morning, when I got to meet up with the awesome woman in charge of marketing at my publisher.  I have a long to-do list now, and some new ideas for fun things to do here and other places.

Despite a few pictures I took from our room and with my roommates, I hardly took my camera out of my bag, which I should have done at least once during the Literacy signing on Wednesday, just so all of you could share in that absolute madness.  Nearly five hundred romance authors all in one big room signing their books for hundreds of fans…insanity.

I’ve found that conferences are a great way to get the creativity flowing, no matter if it’s a tiny conference with just a couple dozen authors, or a ginormous conference like RWA with almost 2000 people rushing around the hotel.  But you must first recover from the exhaustion that will follow you home from a busy several days of workshops and schmoozing.  My conference week was my vacation, and I almost need a vacation to recover from my vacation, but that isn’t happening–too much to do at the day-job this week, and a quick two-day trip to family next week.  After my 14 hour work day yesterday, I was ready to crawl into bed about mid-afternoon today.  But tomorrow, I think my brain might be functional enough for me to work on a couple things on my to-do list, plus get some of the hand-written pages I’ve been writing during my lunch breaks into the computer so I’ll be that much closer to “The End” on Medusa #3.

My favorite part of the conference last week?  Meeting my agent in person for the first time.  And my next favorite was all the romance authors I got to talk to, old friends and new.

But now I really need a little sleep.  I need to dream up a perfect way to wind down this last Medusa.  Sweet dreams to all of you!


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