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I almost always make myself a to-do list for my days off, so I know what I need to get done and can prioritize the list.  Some days, I breeze through the list, and others, not so much.  Sometimes my list is much too enormous to actually get done in a day, but I still put things onto the list because I know they need to be accomplished eventually, or, in some cases, very soon.

( Photo credit: plenty.r. / Foter / CC BY-SA )

Today’s list was pretty standard: laundry, cooking, revisions.  But we started our day off with a phone call about an old friend of the family that threw us a bit.

Sometimes, a curveball is a bad thing.  Sometimes, it might be a very good thing.  What sort of curveballs has life thrown your way lately?  Good ones, or bad?

I’m heading back to revisions, but first I need to find some chocolate. 


( Photo credit: Beckywithasmile / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND )


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