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Disrupted Plans


( Photo credit: Anne Worner via / CC BY-SA )

It was a beautiful day here today, finally, more like fall than summer, and it looks like there are more days like that in my near future.  I’m very excited about that.  I have a lot of crystals hanging in the window of my office, and this afternoon, the sun shining in the window made lots and lots of rainbows all over the walls and ceiling, which makes me happy.

I had plans for today.  Plans that did not involve sleeping as late as I did this morning.  Plans that wouldn’t work if I slept at late as I did this morning.  That didn’t make me so happy.  My entire day revolved around the the plans I had, so I had to rework my ideas for the day.

I just finished reading a book where lots of plans were disrupted.  The characters were pretty unhappy about that, too.  Until they weren’t.  Which is one of the things we love about romance novels, right?  The way things change for the characters as the story goes along, the way they change and grow from the beginning of the book to the end.

It’s one of the things I enjoy when I’m writing my own stories.  Sometimes the characters surprise me, because I don’t generally plot out my books before I write them.  I’ve only managed to pull that off once.  The rest of the time, I have to let the characters lead the way.

What great romance have you read lately that had some messed up plans?


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