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End of Summer


Remember when we were kids and the end of summer meant no more vacation, no more playtime till the sun went down, but instead meant back to school?  Do you ever wish that the end of summer still meant something besides the normal, everyday routine?

I was thinking about some of those long ago summers the other day, when we might spend our day playing in the creek below the house, or sitting under a tree with a book (and I’ll be honest, that was often me), or using our imaginations to come up with some very creative games or stories to act out.  I’m not complaining about being a grown-up, but some days, it would be nice to be a kid again.

So, while I’m heading off to work today, I hope the rest of you here in the U.S. are spending the holiday, the last, unofficial summer weekend, doing something fun, something not so grown-up before you have to settle back into your everyday routine tomorrow.  Enjoy!


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