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Excerpt from the Rewrites!

I have been back and forth with myself over these rewrites so many times I’ve lost count.  Right now, I’m pretty sure they suck like a vacuum.  But I don’t feel like that all the time.  Occasionally, I think, hey, that’s pretty good.

I may have looked a little like this several times in the past week or two as well, trying to get this second Medusa just right.

(Photo credit: tnarik / Foter / CC BY-SA )

To distract myself from the mess I’ve been staring at for the better part of the day, I posted a little snippet over on my Facebook page.  And I’m going to post a different snippet here, too.  Just because.  And just FYI, this one is maybe PG-13 rated.


She grabbed a jacket that was too light and pulled it on, then walked outside with him.  “You’re going to be careful, aren’t you?”

“I’m always careful.”  He shot her a bad boy grin that made her heart beat faster as they made their way along the sidewalk to the front of the house, where his pick-up truck was parked now.

“Nothing can happen to you, Ryder.  You have Jason to worry about.”

He kept walking.

“Are you listening to me?”  She glared up at him when he came to a stop beside the truck.

He put his arm around her shoulders.  “Are you more worried about Jason or me?”

She blinked.  “I’m worried about what will happen to Jason if something happens to you.”  He smelled really good.  Her pounding heart sped up even more.  He was too close.  She needed to distract herself again.  “You know Desi is a lousy parent.  Might as well not even be a parent.”

“What if something did happen to me?  Would you be sorry for me, too?”  He bent nearer, his mouth almost grazing her temple.

She tried to concentrate on his words, but the feelings rushing through her made that difficult.  And dammit, she couldn’t even blame it on pre-PMS hormones.

“Would you be upset if I were hurt?”  His open mouth slid down her cheek, hot, damp.  Tempting.

Desire raced along her veins.  Under her sweater, her nipples tightened.

“Mena?”  He licked the corner of her mouth.

She gasped, and he swooped in, covering her open mouth with his, pressing her back against the side of the truck, his warmth more than making up for the cold metal at her back.


Now I remember why I’m still in love with this hero.  Ryder is a total bad boy, and a bad-ass, as he demonstrates later in the story.  Okay, so maybe the whole thing doesn’t suck.  Just parts of it.

Anyway, this snippet is before Ryder and Mena have to go on the run.  Kinda like this:

( Photo credit: RPMashiter / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA )  Only they’re not having quite as much fun as those kids, unless those kids are running from someone trying to kill them.  And, of course, Mena and Ryder will definitely have some fun along the way.

And now that I have dallied longer than I intended, it’s time to get back to work.  Or to make supper for hungry guys and then get back to work.  I hope you’re enjoying the story snippets here and on my Facebook page.

When I get back to work after making supper for those hungry guys, there definitely will not be fun for Ryder and Mena.  Not where I’m working on rewriting, anyway.  Later maybe.


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