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Fall Break

(Photo credit: edenza / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND )

It’s beginning to look and feel like fall here.  Even though our summer wasn’t horrible this year, fall still makes me happier.  The humidity is gone, and, if I had free time lately, I could have spent it outside.  The evil day-job, however, has kept me from doing much of anything the past ten days, my latest stretch between days off.  Today is the first day of a four-day weekend.  I’d planned to go to New Jersey Romance Writers’ annual conference, and then, when I realized that couldn’t happen, at least hop over to NJ on Saturday for the signing so I could see some of my favorite people.  Right now, I’m not even sure that is going to happen, despite my long weekend.  A little bit of worry in-family, so I’m working out a new plan for the weekend that involves driving to visit for a day or so.

I am still getting in some writing time.  I should say rewriting time, and while at work, I’ve been sketching out scenes for other in-progress WIPs, since I can’t take the laptop in there and spend my lunch breaks on rewrites as I would like.  I have spent much more time rewriting this book than I wanted.  Much, much more.  I thought it started off pretty well.   Then I realized there were more issues in need of fixing.  Then I thought the fixes sucked.  Then I thought I sucked.  Then I was sure I sucked.  Now I think it’s not that awful after all, but it’s still not ready to go out into the world, so I’ve dug back in to tighten and tweak.  And so help me, this hero and heroine are going to do what I want them to do, dammit.  Or else. 

Periodically, I see sales breakdowns from my publisher and agent, showing how many copies of Hunting Medusa have sold and from where.  The latest report is showing a sale via Apple, which made me smile.  Whichever reader downloaded my book via the iTunes store, thank you for giving me an unexpected boost during a kind of crappy week!

At the moment, I’m waiting for a return phone call, so I have veggies roasting for supper, and am about to start the rest of our meal.  And I’m wishing that, instead of autumn in Pennsylvania, I was getting to see autumn in Scotland, like that…


( Photo credit: DecoByDesign / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA )

I’ve been to Clava Cairns in the spring, but not in the fall, and I bet the rest of it as amazing as this shot.

Where would you like to be right now, instead of where you are?


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