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February Blahs

We’re midway through the month, and about midway through the winter season now, aren’t we? That point where, especially for those who don’t enjoy the season, it feels like time is standing still. I actually love winter and haven’t had nearly enough snow to suit me yet, but it does feel like this month has lasted an eternity. On top of that, I feel like I haven’t made enough progress on my writing goals for the month either. The good news there is when I was figuring out time off last month, I scheduled this coming Friday off, so I can use that time to move ahead a bit.

I think the other thing is many of us have been at home for the most part for the past year and are starting to get antsy. It is frustrating sometimes not to be able to just go out when one wants to. I haven’t indulged in one of my very favorite things, a real massage, since last February, and I do miss that. It was a treat usually once a month, at most every other month. I’ve only seen my hair stylist once in the last year (and it shows, haha). But given the choice between running around like things are normal and bringing home a deadly virus to those I love, the decision is easy. It’s just not all that easy to live with sometimes. My immediate family is in the last group of people eligible to be vaccinated, so we’ll continue to be cautious for a long while yet.

To make that a bit less daunting, we’ll keep enjoying streaming shows–I just got my ticket for another concert next month by one of my favorite musical groups–and catching up on movie watching and book reading, and I have some plans for other scheduled time off to work on things on my never-ending to-do list here at home. There is always plenty to fill time, though not always something you want to work on, right? So what do you do then?

I have some writing to do, but before I get back to it, I have a little snippet of the first shifter story in my series (which you’ll hopefully get to see late this year!) for you.


He didn’t even protest when she remained quiet for the drive back to the house in the dusky summer evening. They walked into the house in silence. She shot him a curious glance when he continued at her side up the stairs. “Thank you for feeding me, Harley,” she said when they reached the first landing.

“No problem.” He touched her elbow, and she resumed walking along the hallway to the guest room she always used.

She swallowed as she turned to face him.

He gave in to the urge to brush a strand of hair away from her temple and watched her blue eyes widen, surprise darkening them. Harley bent nearer. Her hand shot up, so his mouth ran into it. He lifted one eyebrow.

“What are you doing?” Her voice quavered just a little.

He smiled against her palm, enjoying the warmth of her skin. “Kissing you good-night. It’s customary at the end of a date.”

Her eyes widened still more. “We’re not dating.”

He kissed her palm. “I believe we just returned from a dinner date. Dancing and drinks.” He inhaled her scent, and his desire kicked up a few more notches.

Her throat worked as she swallowed, color tinting her cheeks. “I think this is a bad idea.”

He stifled another smile at the way her voice shook and instead flicked his tongue out to taste her skin.

Her breath caught.

“I think it’s a fantastic idea.” He nibbled his way across her palm to her thumb. “You taste good. I can’t wait to taste your mouth.”

Her breathing resumed, much faster now. “Harley.”

He caught her hand and eased it to the wall beside her head as he closed the distance between them so only an inch separated their lips. “Yes, Tessa?”

Emotion swirled in her wide blue eyes. He scented her burgeoning arousal in the air, and his body tightened in response.

He waited several heartbeats, watching her gaze slide to his mouth, and noted the way her tongue flicked out at the corner of her lips. Then he ducked in to kiss her.

She tasted better than he’d imagined. Warm and sweet. Her lips parted easily under his, but he deliberately kept the kiss light. She was already spooked, wary. If he dove in head-first, she’d run away fast.

Not that he doubted he could catch her.

When he lifted his head, her eyes were shut, and her lips parted and wet. Tempting him to bend back and take them again. Just briefly. Then he released her. It took a few seconds before her lashes fluttered up, and her hand dropped to her side, almost in slow motion.

Harley banked the urge to press closer. The scant space between them already had his senses reeling. He waited until her eyes cleared slightly. “Sleep well, little Tessa,” he murmured, taking a step back. The cooler air flowing between them did nothing to dampen his arousal.

Or hers, judging by the flush on her face and the wild pulse beating in the hollow of her throat. She swallowed hard and reached behind her for the doorknob. “Good night.” It came out a hoarse whisper.

He waited while she fumbled with the door, resisting the urge to grab her for one more kiss. He watched her back into the bedroom, her wide eyes fixed on his face until she pushed the door shut.

He grinned, pulse racing. Tessa tasted incredible. And he wanted more.


So… What are you doing when you get stir-crazy and want to still be careful and safe? Staying home with your TBR pile? Binge-watching a new series? Starting your spring flower seeds? Learning a new hobby? I may not be the only one looking for a new distraction so I’d love if you shared your ideas, either here or on one of my social media pages (Twitter or Facebook).

If reading is your distraction, I’ve love if you checked out Light the Way Home. A haunted lighthouse, a hot single dad, and a woman who needs a fresh start, it’s a quick, light read.

And, by the way, Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you are doing something you love today.


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