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Four Months and Counting…

It’s been a very up and down week here.  The ‘up’ is almost all related to Hunting Medusa, however, which makes some of the ‘down’ not quite so bad.

In my hot little hands is my final chance to proofread my book for any errors in punctuation, spelling, etc.

( Photo credit: Pete Ashton / Foter / CC BY-NC ).

No pressure or anything, but now it must be perfect!  Wait, did I say this was some of the good?  Okay, it is, really, because I want to be sure that there is nothing silly to distract any of you from falling in love with Andrea and Kallan when you get to read it.  (Four months from today, by the way.)

Another of the good this week is a fantastic girls’ day tomorrow at the Baltimore Book Festival.  Not only do I get to hang out with two very good friends (and my crit partners!) for the day, but we get to visit with some of my other writer friends I don’t see nearly often enough, considering how little distance there is between there and here.  And then there are all the books.  Books for blocks, in case you’ve never been.  Plus we get to pay a visit to the awesome museum where my lovely Medusa resides: 


I can’t wait to see her again, plus the rest of the museum is pretty amazing, too.

And the final ‘good’ for today?  I’m finished at the day job till Monday and there are two small chickens roasting in the oven, which is making the entire house smell so delicious, I can hardly stand it.

I hope all of you are enjoying a great weekend full of books, good friends, and family, too!


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