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Frost Moon

When I was on my way home from some Saturday overtime at the day-job, the moon was coming up.  It isn’t quite full yet, but soon.  Just a couple of days away.  The sky was all blue and purple and pink, and the moon was huge, rising ahead of me.  I wished I could pull over and get a picture, but the road I was on doesn’t have any good places to pull off, so I had to just look my fill until the road turned and I lost sight of the moon.  If I were a little more motivated, I could dig out the telescope we got the boys as a gift many years ago.  But I’m a little too tired for that, and it’s a little too chilly outside tonight to sit out there with the telescope.  I’ve done it before, though not lately.

When the boys were smaller, we bundled up in warm winter gear and blankets and sat outside in November with the telescope and hot chocolate to watch a lunar eclipse, with breaks to warm up inside when it got too cold.  They thought it was great fun.  Now they’re much too old and busy to sit outside in the cold with me, which makes me a little sad.


(Photo credit: smkybear via / CC BY-SA )

I’ve been super-busy at the day-job this week, and will be again next week, but I’m still using my early mornings and lunch breaks to write.  I wasn’t foolish enough to think about doing Nano this year, having learned my lesson about the crazy, hectic pace at the day-job in November.  But I am still plugging away.  Once we get into December and things slow down there, I can go back to editing, as well.

Tomorrow, though, instead of doing anything more productive than perhaps some dishwashing, I’m going to go spend a couple of hours with writer friends and some readers and talk books, which I haven’t done in a while.

How will you spend your down-time this week?


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