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Goal Reassessment

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Usually I wait until mid-year to start thinking about whether or not I need to rearrange or rethink my writing goals for the year. Or, occasionally, if there are major life issues going on, I might do it earlier, like last year. Right now, it’s the day-job craziness that has me looking at my goals for the year. We’ve been short-handed for a while now at work, plus the normal schedule is busy. Right now, it’s insanely busy, and my brain is fried, so there hasn’t been much writing going on lately. Which means I need to take a long look at my goals for the year and figure out what is still doable.

We are supposed to be getting some help in two weeks, but the schedule there isn’t going to change, it’ll just be that the work is redistributed a tad. It will be nice to go back to having just my regular workload again, because my brain will be a little more functional for other things. Until then, though, we just suck it up and get the work done.

Speaking of work, the yard work continues. The peonies I want to move at my grandparents’ house are finally coming up so I can see where they are, so now I have my work cut out for me once we get through the next two weeks at the day-job: moving two clumps of peonies to new beds there, and bringing another home with me to plant here. There might even be another small clump for the neighbor who also loves them. I’ll dig up and move some of the daffodils, too, and then the flower bed behind the garage will go away to make way for a parking spot and a bit more lawn.

I think the peonies I bring home will become part of the new border we’re planning at the back of our yard. The power company cut down a giant tree from the neighbor’s yard behind us, and now we can see for a couple of blocks from the windows on the back of our house. Not cool. Plus all the birds and other critters who made their homes in that tree have gone away, which makes me unhappy. So we have plans to put in some flowering shrubs along the back of the yard to make the view better again, and to give the birds new homes. I took some cuttings from the giant pussy willow bush at my grandparents’ house–which originally came from the house we lived in when the boys were small–and have been working on rooting them so I can include them in the border. I’ll put some butterfly bushes in, and a forsythia, and (after it gets done blooming next month) move my lilac bush. Probably a few other things, too, but we haven’t decided on those yet.

Anyway, I am going to try to get some sleep before starting another very long week (6 straight days ahead!). I’ll have a story snippet for you next week. Are any of you resetting your goals for the year yet?


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