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Happy Endings

I’ve been watching one of my favorite movie series this afternoon: The Librarian, with Noah Wylie.  I love these three movies.  They’re full of humor and adventure and a mystery to solve, plus Flynn gets to romance a new girl along the way.  Flynn is a geeky sort of hunk, spouting random facts throughout, and always saving the day.  The only part I hate is that he never gets to keep the girl.  Poor Flynn.  And poor me, with my love for happy endings.


I’m sure that need for happy endings is one of the reasons romance novels are my favorite kind of books to read, because I know that the story will resolve in a manner that will leave me satisfied.  It’s probably why I write romances as well.  I love a great romance, with characters I can relate to, a story that makes me keep turning pages, and a hero to fall in love with.

What are some of your favorite romances?  Paranormal?  Historical?  Contemporary?  Romantic suspense?


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