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Happy Mother’s Day!

I have been a very bad author lately, haven’t I? Real life has thrown us a couple of curve balls lately, and I admit getting new blog posts up has slid right down on the priority list.  So, to make up for that, I’ve got a little story snippet from the second Medusa to share with you today.  And a bouquet.  Whether you’re a mother or not.  Tulips are my very favorite flower, and these are my favorite color of tulips, that gorgeous shade of hot, hot pink, so I thought I’d share those, too.

( Photo credit: kaybee07 / Foter / CC BY )  Aren’t they gorgeous?

And now for a little bit of story…

Her pulse quickened. She wanted to do it. She needed something to do. She’d managed to finish off two smaller websites for other clients already when Ryder let her out of bed, and now she didn’t have another one due for over a week. And if she wasn’t working, her busy mind circled around two subjects: the Harvesters who were hunting her and her very sexy relationship with Ryder.

She caught her lower lip in her teeth, her gaze following the flickering flames behind the screen. “I’d need to know exactly what you’re looking for. What kind of info you want out there. What style.”

He nudged her shoulder with his again. “I’ll take you to the office tomorrow, and you can see for yourself. Then we can sightsee if you want.”

She couldn’t resist any longer, turning to look more fully at him. “Really?”

He smiled, that slow, sexy grin that made her blood heat in her veins. “Really.”

“Okay. But I make no promises on the website.” He didn’t need to know she already wanted to do it.

He swooped in and kissed her, hard. “Deal.” He pushed to his feet. “What do you feel like for supper?”

She didn’t care, really. Already, her brain had shifted to work mode and was considering possibilities for his security firm’s website. “Is there a pizza place that delivers out here?” she asked after a moment.

“No, I don’t think there’s a pizza menu in the stack.” He moved to the table in the opposite corner, flipping through the small pile of restaurant menus. “Nope.”

She realized she was staring at him as her mind spun, and shifted her gaze away again, heat that had nothing to do with the fireplace warming her cheeks. “It doesn’t matter.” Work.  That’s what she’d been thinking about. Needed to be thinking about. Not Ryder.

His booted footsteps crossed the floor to her side again, and she tried to concentrate on work. Coding. He blocked her view of the flames, and she lifted her gaze from his groin at her eye level to his face, forced to tip her head back.  A wicked grin curved his lips, making her want to shift her focus back to eye level. “How about we get room service, and eat in bed?”

“Will you tell me what the phone calls have been about?”

His smile vanished. “Work.”

She sighed and sat back again, away from him. “Paying work, or me?”

He squatted down in front of her, his expression sober.  “Both.” He touched her knee again, and she ignored the heat of his fingers that seeped through the heavy denim of her jeans.  “Mena, there’s no news. The Harvesters don’t know where you are, they don’t know where Jason and Aggie are.” His dark gaze searched her face.

“And have they come looking for the first guy yet?” She watched him carefully.

Something flickered in his eyes, and he hesitated.

“Yes.” Her heart beat a little faster again, this time in fear. “How many of them?”

His mouth tightened. “Two.”

She considered that. Two more men on the hunt for her now.  Two more men in her mother’s house. Probably in her house, as well. Her stomach wrenched.


I hope you’re all well-stocked with books for this weekend, and for the moms among us, happy Mother’s Day!


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