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Happy Winter!


Today is the first day of winter.  Sadly, that is not what it looks like here at my house.  Instead, it looks and feels much more like the first day of spring, rain included.  Our forecast is for record high temperatures heading into Thursday.  If I wanted a winter like this, I would live in a southern state instead of here.  I guess I need to move north.  I like Maine, though I think it’s been warmer than normal there this year, too.

I’ve even been disappointed with the holiday shows on tv this year–or rather, the serious lack of holiday shows.  I am pretty sure I’ve seen the same handful of horrid movies and shows about a dozen times or more as I’ve been channel-hopping in search of something good.  I did stumble on The Family Stone, though, one night, and fell in love with it.  If you haven’t seen that one, check it out.  I just happened to find it again earlier, about midway in, but I still love it.  I have yet to find The Holiday or Love Actually, though, in my channel-surfing.   Shame on all the networks.

I spent a big chunk of my weekend baking instead of writing as I’d hoped to do.  It’s a really good thing I set cookies aside for my aunt, too–some of the cookies are nearly gone already!  I got one of the variety I liked best; my guys ate the rest.  I’m trying to figure out if I can squeeze in another batch on Christmas Eve when I’m busy roasting turkey breast and ham and baking cake.  We’ll see.

What kind of craziness is going on in your world this week?

By the way, happy Winter!


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