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Heading for Halloween

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It’s the last day of my extra-long weekend, and it looks more like fall here now, with most of the trees showing colors other than green, finally! Though there are some trees that seem to have skipped the color change and gone right to drop-all-the-leaves. Halloween is less than a week away, and my biggest excitement for it is that it is also a blue moon this year. I’m just hoping the weather is nice enough to see it, maybe set up the telescope in the back yard to do a little stargazing. Might be too chilly for that, though, we’ll see.

We haven’t done too much for Halloween for a long time, mostly since the boys were little, besides hand out candy, and haven’t done that regularly in recent years either, depending on what day of the week trick or treat falls–some of those long busy work days meant I wasn’t even home in time for trick or treat. There were a few years when they were littler that hubs would set up a display outside for trick or treat night and dress up to hand out candy while I walked the boys in our neighborhood. I’ve never been a big costume person, so I don’t miss dressing up. The last couple of years, there aren’t as many kids in the neighborhood anymore, so less trick or treaters have come knocking when we did hand out candy. Last I heard, our township is planning on trick or treat this week, but I have to wonder how many parents will trust that it’s safe this year for their kids. If our boys were still little, I probably would not since our state’s numbers have been on the rise for weeks. I decided some time ago that this isn’t a good year for me to be handing out candy, even though I am going to be home, which is a little sad. I like seeing the costumes, but I also like being healthy. I also don’t want to share any germs with my next door neighbor, who is older and vulnerable and who I check in on fairly regularly.

So I think I’ll curl up with some fun movies instead, like Practical Magic or The Witches of Eastwick, or even some Stephen King movies, and that can be my trick or treat night treat. Do you have favorite seasonal movies you pull out to watch this time of year? Scary? Funny? In between?

I have a little snippet from my latest paranormal romance, Light the Way Home, for you today.


Lucie laughed in all the right places as Hayden chattered around bites of his meal, and Nate realized he was staring.

She was pretty. Her green eyes crinkled at the corners as she smiled across the table, briefly. His gaze slid to her mouth for a moment. Tempting.

He jerked his attention back to his meal. He had no time for tempting. Or for anything, really. There was enough on his plate–his son, his cabinet-making business. And now he’d spend more time running back and forth to his parents’ once his dad got sprung from the hospital, until Max was mobile.

His gaze landed on her again, in spite of his best intentions, and she met it, her smile softening.

Fuck him.

Her eyes widened, darkening, and her smile faded. Awareness shifted her expression, and she dropped her gaze to her plate.

At least one of them had enough sense to know that would be stupid.

He took a quick drink from his glass and stuffed a piece of chicken into his mouth.

“Daddy, is Grandpa comin’ home soon?”

Saved by his son. “Maybe in a couple days,” he said after he swallowed his food. “But he broke his leg when he fell off the ladder, remember? So he’s going to be in a wheelchair for a few weeks.”

His son bit off a big chunk of meat from his chicken leg. “Does it hurt?”

“Yes, it does.”

“Maybe he wants my bunny.”

Nate smiled at that. “Maybe. I can ask him tomorrow.”

“Does that mean I get to play with Lucie again?”

He winced at his son’s excited tone.

“It sounds like it,” she said, not sounding unhappy.

He glanced over at her, noting her genuine smile at Hayden. “Lucie,” he started.

She looked over at him and raised one eyebrow, eloquently daring him to offer another option.

He didn’t have one, so he cleared his throat. “Thank you.”

Her smile reappeared, and Hayden cheered.

He should be grateful he had someone to help instead of trying to find ways to discourage her from assisting. Just because he was attracted to her didn’t mean he had no self-control.

Of course he did. And he would damn well exercise it.


If you haven’t read it yet and enjoy a little light paranormal romance, Light the Way Home is available at all of your favorite booksellers, and if you click on the title, the link will take you right where you want to go.

I’ve been working this month on revising the second book in my Medusa’s Daughters trilogy, plus working a little more on the story for the first of the shifter books that I did some revisions in last month. Today, though, on a grey, rainy Sunday, I’m taking a break from them to work out some ideas for a story to go with a gorgeous cover I found while I have potato soup cooking in the slow cooker.

What are you doing on this last Sunday in October? Reading? Chores? Something else?


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