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Hero Inspiration

I’ve spent some time recently re-watching Haven, a show I loved when it originally aired, and I love it all over again.  I especially love Duke Crocker.  I loved him before when I watched the show–he’s not the hero, or at least, not the character the show writers wanted us to want to be the hero for Audrey.  But some of us like a bad boy hero, and Duke is a perfect example of that.  Plus the actor, Eric Balfour, is pretty easy on the eyes.


( Photo credit: Luck the Lady via / CC BY-SA   )

But I love the way he played Duke, too–far from perfect, with some very iffy boundaries, and in love with Audrey.  Sure, Nathan was in love with her, too, but he was too boring, too perfect.  Duke is the sort of character a lot of romance readers love, the one who will do anything to protect his heroine, even cross lines  to do it.

I haven’t written a Duke Crocker yet, but I have a couple in my idea files.


( Photo credit: sebastian.jespersen via / CC BY )

Definitely inspiring to me, and I’m guessing I’m not alone.  No, I take the back.  I know I’m not alone, since I have a friend who also wanted Duke and Audrey together on Haven.

Yet another reason to love romance novels–while we might enjoy a television show teasing us for multiple seasons before our characters finally get together, we don’t want the same thing in our romance novels.  I hate when I get to the end of a book that has been marketed as a romance and there isn’t a happy ending.  So when I finally get to one of my Duke Crocker ideas, I can guarantee you he’ll be getting a happy ending to his story.

What tv hero (or anti-hero) do you wish had gotten a happy ending?


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