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Hunting Medusa

So…the ‘Hunting’ portion of the title of my book.  Has anyone wondered yet where that comes in?  Kallan Tassos, the hero of Hunting Medusa is a descendant of Perseus, charged by the Goddess Athena to hunt down the descendants of the original Medusa.  I didn’t have a picture at hand when I sat down to write the story, just a mental image of my hero and heroine.  Some time ago, I stumbled on this picture.  To me, this man is an excellent image of the Harvesters, scythe and all.  He’s not Kallan, not the Kallan in my head, but he could be one of the hundreds of Kallan’s cousins who are also on the hunt for the current Medusa around the world.

I haven’t started counting down days yet, since the end of January is still pretty far away, but months, yes.  I’m counting down the six and a half months until Hunting Medusa is released.  And I can’t wait!  I hope you all will enjoy it as much as I have.


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