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Inspiration From Reading

I’m working on rewriting chunks of the second book in my Medusa trilogy, and for me, the revision portion of things isn’t nearly as fun as the actual writing.  Which is why I was very happy with the email my editor sent me today.  She went shopping and found this:


It made me smile, and then laugh when she told me it moves and talks.  I’m going to have to go get one this week, just because.  Though my editor also pointed out our Medusa is much more attractive, I still find this one fun. And a perfect distraction from trying to fix things in my manuscript today.

I’ve actually got a fairly decent collection of Medusa images in recent months, and one of my favorite catalogs has an absolutely gorgeous statue that is on my wish list for Santa.  On my “someday” list: a visit to Greece to see some of the places talked about in the myths I love, not to mention some of the places that my characters will be going themselves in the third and final book in the trilogy.

Do you have any collections thanks to something you read?  Or any trips you’ve taken that were inspired by a story you loved?


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